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About Zephyr Paintball is your one stop paintball store for Cheap Paintball Gear and Airsoft Gear at affordable prices. In a hurry to get your Paintball Gear? We have you covered! All orders placed by 2pm Pacific ship the same day and most orders arrive within 1-4 business days. We have great sale prices and a helpful customer service staff. We are proud to be your one stop Paintball shop for your Paintball Gear and Airsoft needs with a wide variety of product just a click away. Whether you're looking for a Paintball Guns, Paintball Masks, Paintball Gun Upgrades, Paintball Air Tanks, Paintball Supplies, Airsoft Guns and gear, It's in stock and ready to ship. Just check the live inventory to see if what you want is in stock.

Zephyr Sports was founded in 2004 as a Paintball Shop to serve you the avid Paintball and Airsoft player. Zephyr carries a huge selection of Paintball Gear Bags, Paintball Harnesses, Paintball Guns and Paintball Hoppers. We carry a complete line of paintball equipment with only the finest products made from top quality manufacturers. Some of these brands include: Dye Paintball, JT Sports, kingman Spyder, Tippmann, Pure Energy, Empire Paintball] BT Paintball, TechT, Alien, Proto Paintball Guns, Dangerous Power, Azodin and Planet Eclipse. In 2005 we expanded to carry Airsoft. We currently carry a full line of Airsoft Guns including Airsoft Rifles, Airsoft Pistols, BBs, pistol holsters, Protective Gear and many other products to meet your airsoft needs. Store Offers Free Shipping over $100 on Paintball Guns and Paintball Packages and supplies at the lowest prices on the web. New to Paintball? We offer the most complete line of Paintball Packages for the beginner or tournament player to get you on the field . Not sure what you need? Be sure to check out our Paintball Gear Buyers Guide as well as our live chat for a quick answer from an experienced Paintball or Airsoft player. If you're a hardcore Paintball tournament or scenario player we carry all the gear you could ever want.

Paintball Games

There are various different games that can be played to keep you paintball games entertaining. Capture the flag, elimination, hold the fort are popular at our local fields.
Capture the flag - In the game, paintball players are separated in two teams, a flag can either be put in the middle of the field, or a flag can be put at the home base of each team. The idea is to capture the flag without getting shot and return it to your home base. This game is always a challenge since as soon as you grab the flag, you are now the target of every remaining player on the opposing team.
Elimination - The is the standard game of paintball. You choose two sides, blow the whistle and shoot the opponent until every player is eliminated, or a set time period expires. This is the easiest game to play and is great when you have a large group of people.
Hold the fort - One of my favorite games of paintball. In capture the fort, you have two teams, one whose job is is to hold a fort or base of some kind for a set period of time. The opposing team has to take over the fort before the time limit ends. Depending on the strength of the cover on the field, you can allow a player to respawm or stagger the team sizes at the beginning of the game.

Let's take a look at the paintball gear to get you in the game.

Paintball Goggles

Your Paintball Mask should be your top priority. You goggles are not the place to go cheap . If your Goggles fog up, your out of the game. When you are looking at the design of a paintball goggle that is more expensive it typically becomes lighter and smaller for easy maneuvering, provides more padding, thermal lenses for fog resistance and more ventilation. While an entry level Paintball mask will get you on the field, spring for a mask with a thermal lens (starting at about $35) for an enjoyable fog free day on the field.

Sly Googles - The Sly Profit was released in 2011. This revolutionary new mask is a great addition to your paintball gear bag. With Thermal Lenses, Dual Mask Strap for just the right fit along with plenty of padding and protection, the Profit Goggle is a great new top of the line choice. Just released by Sly Paintball in 2012, The Sly Annex takes some of the great feature from the Profit including a thermal Lens for less than $40.

Empire Goggles - Tournament level Empire masks include the Empire Event ZN Goggle as well as new Empire E-flex goggle. For an Entry Level Paintball goggle, check out the Empire Vidar Goggle. Thermal lens and comfort for about $50 with Empire Quality.

Dye Paintball Goggles - Dye Paintball is the Lexus of tournament Paintball Gear. The Dye I4 Paintball Goggle builds on the long history of Dye invision goggles. This 4th Generation goggle has one of the slimmest profiles which is great for keeping the gun tight to your face and out of the line of paint. Want to save a few bucks? The Dye I3 Pro is still available in limited quantities. A full line of replacement lenses are available from Amber to mirror and more.

JT Paintball Masks are known for their reliability as well as design & comfort. The JT Spectra series are well known for being affordable and durable. Their flexible design allows balls to bounce which keep you in the game for as long as possible. Single or Thermal lenses depending on which model.Full Coverage Goggles also available. The great thing about the JT goggles is that the lenses can be easily changed out for a thermal lens for the ultimate anti-fog setup.

V Force Goggles - VForce makes great goggles for all levels of paintball. From the high end V force Profiler and V force Grill to the entry level pro vantage, Vforce make some of the most spherically correct goggles for clear vision throughout your entire paintball game.

Tippmann Paintball Masks - Tippmann is finally making there own masks. The leader in entry level paintball guns now has a full line of goggles for the field or the mid level player.

Paintball Tanks

Your paintball gun isn't going to shoot itself! There are basically two different types of tanks used for paintball. Co2 is the standard for entry level players. It is cheap and easy to get. Co2 tanks start at about $20. One drawback to co2 is that it is very rough on your paintball gun. Co2 is stored as a liquid in your tank, to shoot your gun it needs to convert to a gas. depending on the angle you are holding your gun, weather conditions, and your rate of fire, you may end up getting liquid co2 into your paintball marker and shooting snow out of the barrel. This makes for a very inconsistent shot and is difficult on the internals of your paintball gun. The other type of tank is a compressed air or HPA tank. HPA tanks store high pressure air at 3000 - 4500 psi and have a regulator on the tank to control the flow of air in the range of 500 to 800 psi. Compressed air tanks are significantly more expensive due to the costs of the regulator as well as the bottle that needs to hold alot of pressure. Aluminum HPA tanks start at $40 and will hold 3000 PSI and weigh about the same as a 20oz co2 tank. Carbon fiber tanks will hold 4500 PSI

Ninja Paintball Tanks - Proudly made in the USA. Ninja has made some of the best compressed air bottles in the industry for years. Cutting edge regulator technology and some of the lightest bottles. Spend the extra few bucks on ninja and support made in the USA.

Paintball Hoppers

Have to make sure your loader keeps up with your spiffy new paintball gun. A good quality paintball hopper will consistently feed paintballs to your paintball gun with no breaks, jams or mis feeds. Hoppers start with a basic gravity feed hopper. These as you guessed just use the force of gravity to feed paintballs into your gun. While this will keep up with entry level semi auto paintball guns, these won't quite cut it as you move into electronic paintball guns. For those guns you will need to get an electric paintball loader. Electric hoppers start at about 8 BPS (balls per second) up to 50+ BPS with the Dye Rotor. Do your research and if you can afford a good Paintball hopper like the Halo Too, Prophecy Z2 or Valken V-max it's worth spending the money up front instead of having to buy another Paintball loader down the road. Released in 2012 is the new Virtue Spire. Virtue has been known as the best upgrade board manufacturer. Finally they have there own product. The virtue spire brings unsurpassed speed with the spire feed. Super gentle on the most brittle paint.

Paintball Harnesses

Your gonna need more paintballs than you can hold in your hopper. Your paintball gear must include a good paintball harness will carry plenty of pods full of extra paint. Harnesses that say +1 i.e 2+1, 4+1 etc typically will also be able to hold paintball tanks also. With you tank on your back, you will need a remote coil to attach the tank to your marker. If speedball is more your style you will want a pack with the notation 3+2, 4+3, 5+4, etc. The first number will be the number of rigid pod holders, the second number will be the number of pods help in elastic straps to get all the paintballs you need on the field. Dye Harnesses and Empire Harnesses are the leaders in tournament style Pod carriers. Be sure to our NXE harness section for a mix of entry and tournament levels harnesses.

Paintball Gear Bags

A Paintball gear bag to carry all your paintball supplies makes life much easier. One place to put all your paintball gear for a long day of play. A good Paintball Gear bag will have plenty of room to store a few Paintball Guns as well as your goggles, paintball tanks, harness, pods and tools. Your best bet is to get a wheeled gear bag. Planet Eclipse Bag Eclipse Bags are some of the nicest made. Plenty of room to store all your gear as well as some pretty sweet designs. The Big Daddy of Paintball gear bags is the Dye Navigator. This bag even splits in two to make air travel easy.

Paintball Clothing & Apparel

Although jeans and a sweatshirt may work for your first few times playing paintball, your going to want to invest in some good paintball gear. We carry a complete line of cheap paintball clothing as well as high end tournament gear. Paintball pants and a jersey are a good start. A good set of paintball clothing will be much more comfortable, cool as well as giving you a few extra bounces. Plus you won't destroy clothes you may want to wear again.

Paintball Pants - We carry paintball pants prices start at $40 and go up to about $180 . A good set of pants will provide padding for your hips, knees, and the family jewels. Dye Pants come with padded knees that typically do not require you to wear knee pads. Plenty of soft padding for your legs and hips that will give you an extra bounce or two when you need it the most. Looking for a basic entry level paintball pant? The Valken Fate Pants have you covered. Although these do not have padding, at $40 they will allow you to have a lot more mobility and save you a pair of jeans.

Paintball Jerseys - Starting at about $30 and go up to $100, paintball jerseys offer a range of features for the avid paintball player. Padded elbows, shoulders and chest help with the pain of the close shots whil giving you a few bounces when you need them most. Durable material is not going to rip and can put up with a ton of abuse. Plus you look like you know what your doing. Basically the higher you step up in price range, the more and better features you get. Thicker padding, better designs, more breathable, etc.

Paintball Upgrades

The Zephyr Paintball Shop also carries a wide variety of Paintball Upgrades that include Paintball Barrels, Triggers, Virtue Boards and many other accessories to improve the look and performance of your paintball gun. For barrels there are many different brands & sizes but here at Zephyr we offer great beginner barrels such as the J&J Ceramic Barrel & more advanced barrels such as the Dye Ultralite Barrel & of course the extremely light and accurate Deadlywind Barrel.

Our leading manufacturer of Boards comes from Virtue Paintball. Virtue Boards are known for giving your paintball gun a major boost in performance. Most electronic guns have only a few operating modes such as Semi-Automatic, Full Auto & some type of burst. With the Virtue Board there are many more modes to play around with. Having these options gives you the advantage over other players. Keeping you firing at a fast rate and for a much longer game time with its increase in battery life. This is just one example of the high performance boards that we offer. You can check out other boards such as Tadao & Hater that both offer something to look forward to.

There is so much more we offer beyond paintball guns and upgrades. Our Paintball store contains a wide variety of Paintball Tanks Including Co2 Tanks,Paintball Air Tank, Paintball Loader, Paintball Harness, Paintball Clothing & Paintball Protective gear are all available for all types of players. We understand the importance of individuality. All players have different needs, some want to be as compact as possible for speed ball types of fields. Which means smaller tank, lighter jersey/pants, low profile loader. Some players take a different view on the game and don't have the same concern as being compact but rather need to blend in with their environment for tactical game play. Some may want to play in the woods or a jungle type field that get the best use out of baggy camo paintball pants, realistic paintball guns & tactical vest to hold extra ammo and parts. There are many options with Paintball and that's why Zephyr is here to get you placed where you are most comfortable.

Paintball has grown so much in the last decade and there is no doubt that there is much more you can do to customize your appearance, your gun, your comfort, and your overall paintball experience. At Zephyr we make sure all Paintball related items are available for our customers. Paintball products are constantly being released and we take it upon ourselves to make sure our site has the newest and greatest on hand. Our user-friendly website makes it easier than ever to navigate your way through this wonderful experience. If you don't see something you are looking for it might still be there but in a category that was looked over, so remember you can always email us and/or call us with any questions or concerns to help your online experience be quick and simple.

At, we welcome all feedback to help us stay strong and grow as a company. Our customers are most important to us, so never hesitate to let us know how you feel. All comments are important and needed so we as your supplier have an honest, open relationship for your internet experience. You can send us an email at or give us a ring at 877-814-4297. Visit our Paintball Blog. We also stay active with Google+ & Facebook add us, follow us, + us and befriend us!

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