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Below are replica SAW Airsoft Machine Guns. A Squad Automatic Weapon (also known as section automatic weapon or light support weapon) is a weapon used to give infantry squads or sections a portable source of automatic firepower. Weapons used in this role are typically either light machine guns or selective-fire rifles, usually fitted with a bipod and heavier barrel. SAWs usually fire the same cartridge as the assault rifles carried by other members of the unit. This reduces logistical requirements by making it necessary to supply only one type of ammunition to a unit. SAWs are light enough to be operated by one man, as opposed to heavy machine guns which fire more powerful cartridges and require a crew to operate at full effectiveness.

Many SAWs are modified assault rifles or battle rifles that may have increased ammunition capacity and heavier barrels to withstand continued fire and will almost always have a bipod.


All Airsoft replica bb Guns include a safety orange muzzle tip in accordance with federal law. any attempt to remove the orange tip is a violation of federal law. Modified Airsoft Guns will not be accepted for return or exchange. It is the consumers responsibility to verify that Airsoft Guns are legal in your state/country and local jurisdiction. We are not responsible for items confiscated in customs. You must be 18 to purchase Airsoft items.