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KWA USA is renown for their high quality parts, airsoft pistols, and airsoft guns. Using advanced engineering, KWA develops each of its airsoft guns to the utmost realism mimicking the real steel firearms firing action and field stripping. With the development of the NS2 and FV systems, KWA has made their gas pistols a step ahead of the competition producing increased efficiency and consistent shots. For the full electric AEG rifles, the 2GX gearbox was pioneered. The 2GX is a CNC machined highly reinforced gearbox that is lipo ready out of the box and has incredible upgrade potential. If you are looking for some of the best airsoft guns, go no further than the battle proven replicas by KWA. Details below!
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KWA M11 Full Metal Gas Blowback SMG Airsoft Gun
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KWA 2013 KM16BR Battle Rifle Full Metal AEG Airsoft Electric Gun
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KWA started out as an airsoft pistol manufacture from their sister company KSC, providing decent quality pistols for their M9, 1911, G36C, and old USP series. Since then, they have expanded to include SMGs, AEGs, and even gas blow-back rifles and have incorporated such trades as CCCP, H&K airsoft guns and even Magpul PTS into their products for authentic trademarks. Their new Mark series of airsoft pistols, the new KWA M4 line, and the H&K USP series have proven to be extremely popular amongst airsofters.

Continuing to innovate:

A few years ago KWA announced their new NS2 system. A brand new patented design found exclusively on KWA products, the NS2 system uses an advanced, lightweight composite gas piston with a two stage internal expansion chamber that delivers the gasses more efficiently, and consistently than previous systems.

More recently, the 2GX gearbox was released for KWA's M4/M16 series of AEGs. The 2GX is a robust gearbox shell engineered with structural reinforcement in areas prone to cold temperature failures typical in high powered gearboxes. Rather than Zinc metals (pot metal), these gearboxes are forged from high grade alloy steel, tempered with KWA's hardening process. The extremely precise machining a six 9mm bearings in this gearbox ensure maximum performance in a Lipo ready AEG.

Just announced is the new FV (Force velocity system) engineered by KWA to be incorporated in their new KRISS VECTOR, AK-74 and M4 series Gas Blow-Back Rifles. The FV system uses a unique simplified design of the internal cylinder return spring that improves operational reliability while maintaining a consistent cyclic rate. The Force Velocity reinforced piston is made of a high strength polymer that delivers superb gas efficiency and reliability to the rifle in a wide range of temperatures and climates.

A new design coming out is the 3GX gearbox and the KFS (Kinetic Feedback System). This new gearbox design is going to be used in KWA's upcoming AK-74 series of AEGs. Based on the Version 3 gearbox, the 3GX will set a new standard for performance and reliability, utilizing many of the innovations found in the 2GX gearbox. The new platform allows for the integration of the KFS system that utilizes a synchronized counter weight to deliver the sharp recoil seen on most GBBRs. Later the KFS is going to be integrated into the 2GX gearboxes, giving M4 users an enhanced experience.

Tried and True Models:

Two of the most popular series KWA has made are the USP airsoft pistols, and the KM4 airsoft AEGs. The USPs have been made with a host of variations from the Tactical, to the Compact and even a few special models have been shown the USP MATCH, and the USSOCOM MK23. The KM4 series have seen similar diversity, incorporating CQB, and M16 lengths, as well as providing RIS and tradition foregrips for all your accessory needs.

Bridging the gap between gas blow-back pistols and full AEG rifles are KWA's SMGs including the KMP9, M11A1 (Mac11), KMP9R, the FPG and the H&K MP7A1. These high quality sub machine guns utilize KWA's NS2 system and are capable of hosing rounds at ridiculous rates of fire to clear rooms, buildings, or where ever the enemy is hiding.

New Releases:

Soon to be released are the new gas blow-back pistols, the 945, 1911A1 US ARMY, and the GBBR LM4 series. The KWA LM4 series of rifles utilizes the new FV system and come in a variety of different configurations. These GBBRs will be green gas powered with a 40 round M4 mag or 38 round Magpul PMag style magazine both powering the rifle to fire between 390 and 410 fps. Additionally, a special edition Magpul PTS KWA LM4 will be released will be released with Magpul furniture and a stamped lower reciever. These full metal rifles are extremely realistic, down to the firing function and the take down all components have been engineered to be as close as possible to real AR-15 operation.

For the Red or Russian themed players, KWA is releasing the MKV Makarov, TT-33 Tokarev, and their line of AK-74 AEGs and GBBRs. The AK-74's will come in two varieties, the gas powered and the electric powered rifles. The gas powered AK-74's use the new FV system firing between 390 and 410 fps and will hold 40 rounds in their magazines. Two variations will come out for the gas AK-74 line the AK-74M (a full sized AK with sight mount and side folding stock) and the AK-74SU (a carbine sized rifle with a skeletonized side folding stock and sight rail). These GBBR AK-74's function and field strip exactly like their real steel counterparts. The AEG AK's will be using the 3GX gearbox and the new KFS system giving these electric airsoft guns a sharp, crisp recoil every round that is fired.

Also to come out is the hotly anticipated ATP AUTO variant and KRISS Vector. The AUTO will utilize the same NS2 system as the ATP but swap out some of the firing mechanism allowing the gas pistol to fire in fully automatic. It will keep the same functionality and also be compatible with the same mags and the 50 round ATP/FPG magazines. The KRISS Vector is scheduled to release this summer. It uses the new FV system and has its own dedicated 50 round magazine operating off of green gas. Though the project was started several years ago, KWA has finally finished replicating the highly unusual delayed bolt recoil system found in the real steel weapon. It will be fully functional just like the real steel KRISS right out of the boxes replicating every feature down to the smallest component.

Coming soon is KWA's CQR series AEGs. These two M4s are meant to provide a cheaper alternative to many of the high end models while still retaining the amazing quality KWA produces. The CQR MOD 1 and 2 are the standard M4 and CQB AEGs, with all teh same high performance internals seen on expensive high end guns for less than 200 dollars. The only difference KWA made to these two models is that replaced the machined steel lower receiver with a high strength polymer lower receiver. This means you get a Lipo ready airsoft gun for under 200 dollars, with the only change being the lower receiver. If you've been waiting to get a KWA KM4 but have been hesitant about the cost, then the MOD 1 and 2 are right for you!


All Airsoft replica bb guns include a safety orange muzzle tip (at least 1/4 of an inch) in accordance with Federal law. Any attempt to remove the orange tip is a violation of Federal law. Modified Airsoft Guns will not be accepted for return or exchange. It is the consumers responsibility to verify that Airsoft Guns are legal in your state and local jurisdiction. You must be 18 to purchase airsoft equipment