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Guerrilla air tanks are known for their Myth Regulator. The Myth reg is small and light for a compact setup. It's much easier to maneuver on the field when your tank brings you closer to your gun. There are two types – Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. What's great about Aluminum tanks is how affordable and durable they are. The Aluminum Guerrilla air tanks have a pressure of 3000psi vs. the Carbon Fiber tanks have a pressure of 4500psi giving you more air for more game time. Carbon Fiber tanks are extremely light and much more compact than aluminum tanks. Guerrilla air tanks are reliable and efficient. For example the 68ci 4500psi carbon fiber tank gets about 1200 shots out of it! (Varies with guns) Some can go all day with that! I emphasize on the "some" since there is at least one trigger happy person out there. The carbon fiber guerrilla airs are mid pressure which means they have a preset at 650psi - make sure you research your paintball gun to see what pressure it operates on. The Aluminum guerrilla airs however are indeed high pressure with a preset at 800psi

Myth regulators for all!

You do not need to have a guerrilla air tank to have a myth regulator. Replace your old, bulky 3000psi or 4500psi regulator!

**Note - because of the design, your guns ASA may need to be adjusted for the tank to screw in all the way. Give us a call if you are experiencing this issue. 877-814-4297**