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The Ninja Tanks continue to be consistent and reliable each time a new size is offered. The regulator is completely re-buildable by the consumer making it effortless to meet anyone’s specific needs. Changing the output pressure can be costly and time consuming but not with the Ninja Tank. It can be easily done by removing a couple shims inside the regulator. In our opinion the Ninja HPA Tank is the most user-friendly tank on the market by dissembling with ease and 100% modifiable.

Check out the Ninja Remote Line that we carry. Remote lines are great for multiple reasons. If you are using CO2 with your gun the remote line prevents the liquid CO2 going directly into your gun which can ware down your gun very quickly. By having the line mainly gas is running through your gun which overall is going to make your shots consistent and more efficient. Remote coils are also great to keep the weight off your gun for easy maneuvering.