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The new KM Straps Column inline regulator grips are now available from Zephyr Paintball! These new grips fit most any marker inline regulator, Planet Eclipse, DYE, MacDev, Angel, CP, Vanguard, BobLong, Luxe, etc. Available in multiple colors to match your marker or team color, or any of the KM Spine feeds. Match all colors or mix it up! The KM Straps Column grip gives you better control of the marker, your hands wont slip or have to grip the hard aluminum reg ulator when your hands are dirty or oily from paint. They fit nice and tight to the regs and are easy to clean, stain-proof and wont crack or fade.
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KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Yellow
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)
KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Army Green
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)
KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Red
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)