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Ready to get that heavy paintball tank off your gun? It's time for a remote line. A Paintball remote coil will allow you to put your tank in a harness or vest on your back making your paintball gun much lighter. If you are playing with a co2 tank, a paintball remote line will serve as an expansion chamber virtually eliminating liquid co2 in your gun.
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Ninja Paintball Remote with PTC Adapter
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Tippmann Universal Remote Line
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Maddog Made in the USA Universal Paintball Remote Coil
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Maddog Sports Made in the USA Paintball Remote Coil w/ Slide Check
Zephyr Low Price: $34.95
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Paintball Remote Lines are great to have for multiple reasons. The use of CO2 means operating a cold liquid that turns into gas as it's released. This cold liquid can wear down o-ring and internal parts leading to more required maintenance. By having a remote line, the liquid CO2 does not make direct contact with the gun thus using mainly the gas to operate your gun. This gives more consistent shots and less mechanical issues. Also, by having a remote line that weight is relieved from your gun and can be held on your harness or vest. Just make sure whatever size tank you choose whether it be CO2 or Compressed air fits in the desired Harness. Another option on a remote line is a slide check. The Slide Check makes disconnecting the marker from the remote line easy and safe. When the slide is forward, the entire line, from the tank to the marker’s valve chamber is pressurized with air. When the slide is back, there is no pressure in the line between the marker and the slide check. In the back position, the marker can be removed from the remote, without depressurizing the entire line or having to turn off the tank. The line between the tank and the slide check remains at tank pressure.

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