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Ready to look like a real paintball player? It's time for a Paintball Jersey. Zephyr carries a complete line of paintball jerseys to get you on the field and looking good. A good paintball jersey will be comfortable on the field, look good, and give you a few extra bounces. Paintball Jerseys are typically worn at least a size big, I wear an XL t shirt, but wear a XXL paintball jersey. It gives me room to move on the field and I get a few extra bounces when I get hit on a loose jersey.
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Dye C14 Paintball Jersey - Formula 1 Grey
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Empire 2014 LTD FT Paintball Jersey - Fades
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While looking for the perfect Paintball Jersey you will find many different sizes and designs. Most jerseys are adult sized and run baggier than an adult men’s t-shirt. If you wear a Men’s Medium and go with a Medium Jersey it will be baggy but may not be baggy enough; so you may want to skip a size and go for the Large. Having your jersey baggy is much better than a tight fit since the tighter it is the more likely the ball is going to break and the impact of the paintball will be greatly noticed. Baggy = more chances of bounces which means less bruises and more game time. Prices can range from $20-$70 depending on what brand you are looking at. What’s the difference? The more expensive the Jersey gets the more you are going to get reinforced padding, ventilation, hand protection and other protection advantages. Most Jerseys have some sort of padding on the shoulders, elbows and chest. You will find this with Dye Jerseys and Eclipse Jerseys jerseys. Dye jerseys use responsive air foam that are always in the proper position of your arms and shoulders which means the pads will move with you while maneuvering. Ventilation is vital! The multiple holes on the jersey push the heat out to the sides and under the arms, keeping the area around your chest cool. Eclipse makes the Distortion Jersey. This jersey is popular due to its design. Not only do these jerseys look amazing but their structure is amazing as well. They have foam padding for protection, mesh venting for air circulation and all the necessary reinforcements in the shoulders, elbows and sides for the ultimate protection. Now these jerseys are great but you may be looking for something a little cheaper. Not to worry – you can still have a comfortable paintball jersey that is affordable. The Empire Prevail and Valken Fate jerseys are great entry level jerseys. Both have great ventilation and a comfortable feel. The prevail jerseys are light and durable with padded elbow pads that is great for just getting into paintball where the game play won’t be so rough. The Valken fate are a basic entry level jersey, no extra padding or features here, but for $30 can ya complain?