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Looking for best paintball pants on the market? Look no further than Dye. Dye has been making top quality paintball pants for years. For 2013, Dye released the c13 and ultralite series of pants. The Dye C13 features 7 colors to choose from to fit just about any team color scheme. Looking for the lightest paintball pants on the market? Take a look at the new Dye Ultralite Pants. The ultralite pants are made with 4-way stretch fabric similar to what you find in high end Boardshorts.
Dye Paintball Pants
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Dye C12 Paintball Pants - Tiger Stripe Blue
Zephyr Sale Price: $169.95
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Dye C14 Paintball Pants - Ace Grey
Zephyr Sale Price: $179.95
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Dye C14 Paintball Pants - Ace Lime / Navy
Zephyr Sale Price: $179.95
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Dye C14 Paintball Pants - Formula 1 Purple
Zephyr Sale Price: $179.95
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Dye Paintball Pants can take incredible abuse and still keep their structure. This is extremely important since paintball pants usually take the most beating out of all of the other gear. Taking a dive or sliding into a bunker is not like sliding over a slip and slide. Rocky dirt, grassy terrain and turf all cause wear and tear on pants. Dye secures their pants with heavy-duty nylon kneepads with Kevlar for ultimate strength. Also, a main concern of every male is our family jewels. Dye developed compression formed crotch protection for total coverage so there are no accidents. Ventilation has always been one of Dye’s main concerns. Other paintball pants keep heat in while the Dye Pants push heat out with integrated air channels in the front and rear of the pant. Another great feature is the adjustable waist that allows you to change the fitting of your pant to your personal needs. Some like them baggy some like it as tight as possible – the choice is yours. You know what really bugs? Dirt creeping up your leg as you run or slide. The adjustable cuffs make it easy to make a tight cuff to work for any type of cleat/shoe. Every year the Dye Pants get stronger and more reliable. The C9 Pants are the most advanced playing pant in the industry and they will only get better.