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Look like a real paintball player the next time your on the field! Jeans and a t-shirt may work the first few times playing paintball, but gear designed for paintball is much more comfortable and well worth the money. Pants range from $40 - $200+ while jerseys will run you $30 - $120.
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Dye C13 Paintball Jersey - DyeTree Orange
Zephyr Sale Price: $74.95
Save: $25.00 (25%)
Empire 2014 LTD FT Paintball Jersey - Fades
Zephyr Sale Price: $79.95
Save: $30.04 (27%)
New Arrival
Dye C14 Paintball Jersey - Formula 1 Grey
Zephyr Sale Price: $99.95
Planet Eclipse 2013 Gauntlet Gen2 Paintball Gloves - Black
Zephyr Sale Price: $25.00
Save: $9.95 (28%)
Planet Eclipse 2013 Full Finger Gen2 Paintball Gloves - Black
Zephyr Sale Price: $25.00
Save: $9.95 (28%)
Empire 2014 LTD FT Paintball Pants - Black
Zephyr Sale Price: $149.95
Save: $50.04 (25%)
Dye Tactical Pullover Jersey - DyeCam
Zephyr Sale Price: $34.95
Save: $40.00 (53%)
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More Information:

Paintball Apparel

Paintball Pants

Your first piece of paintball clothing should be a good pair of paintball pants. A good pair of paintball pants should have these features - Knee and Hip padding, Adjustable waist belt, highly breathable, lightweight, and durable. Basically with paintball pants the start from entry level to tournament level. Below we'll explain a few pros and cons of each level. Basically as you climb up the price scale, you will get more and more of these features.

Entry Level Paintball Pants - Price range for a pair of entry level paintball pants is $40 - $85. Entry level pants will have an adjustable waist belt and a few pockets as well as possible a barrel swab pocket. Entry level pants will be lightweight and much more comfortable than a pair of jeans, but not as soft and supple as the tournament level paintball pants we discuss below. You will typically get very lightweight or no knee pads at all. Examples of entry level pants include the Valken Fate and Empire Prevail pants.

Tournament Level Paintball Pants - Price range for top level paintball pants starts at about $130 - $175. With this level of pants you will get significant padding in the knee, hip and crotch area providing plenty of protection as well as an extra few bounces when you need em. You will also get a squeegee pocket as well as a padded adjustable waist belt. Pro paintball pants will have venting throughout the side to keep you cool on the hottest days. On the back of the pants you will have a padded area that helps grip your harness keeping everything where it's comfortable. Pro level Paintball pants examples include Dye, Empire Contact, Eclipse Distortion as well as Sly Pro Merc