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The single piece ceramic paintball barrels made by J&J are high quality upgrades to just about any paintball marker that will improve your shot and your game. The special Teflon / Ceramic coating clears breaks and reduces friction on the ball as it flies through the barrel at the other team. Get the best for your gun with a self cleaning, aluminum, high quality barrel.
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J & J Ceramic Tippmann A-5 Barrel - 12 Inch
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It doesn't get any easier than this. A one piece barrel means that there is no assembly required to up the stakes and send the other team home looking like pink and yellow clowns. The JJ ceramic barrels are among one of the best first upgrades to make to your paintball marker, requiring no technical knowledge or draining the wallet.

==Best First Upgrade:==
So you've got the new gun, you're stoked and you should be. But after a couple games you might notice the stock barrel isn't as amazing as the owners manual believes it to be. That's when you go for the number uno most recommended upgrade to paintball markers: an aftermarket barrel. These J&J ceramic barrels will fit almost any thread (Tippmann 98, A5/X7, Autococker, Impulse/Ion, Phantom and Spyder) and range in size from 12" to 20".

Slick Construction:

J & J Ceramic barrels are made of T6 6061 aluminum and precision ground to specification by CNC machines. The barrels are then coated with a Teflon impregnated ceramic material that produces a frictionless surface. This Teflon coat keeps broken paint from clinging to the inside of the barrel, letting future shots actually clean out the barrel as you play. Got a break? No worries, just keep on blasting and your ceramic barrel will take care of itself. The ceramic / Teflon coating also reduces the friction generated as the ball passes through the barrel, improving accuracy and consistency of the ball's flight path.

Full Tilt:

In addition to the one piece ceramic series, JJ performance also offers the Full Tilt series. The Full Tilt series is made for those players that can assemble lkea furniture, with its two piece design. This barrel is more accurate, and uses the same coating on the single piece barrels.