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What's the number one thing you can do to up your game and improve your paintball marker? Grab an aftermarket barrel, and J & J performance have some of the best ceramic coated aluminum two piece barrels on the market. Check out the low friction coating that will clean your barrel as you shoot and make your shots more consistent. Go with one of the most recommended upgrades on the field, and get the most out of your game.
More Information:

When you combine the two awesome pieces of the J&J ceramic barrel you get: one sick precision barrel. Using a Teflon impregnated ceramic coat, this barrel reduces friction and is so advanced it will clean itself. Coming in Tippmann 98, A5/X7, Autococker, Impulse/Ion, Phantom and Spyder threads, there's no gun that can't use these barrels. Want more reach? The Full Tilt series comes in lengths 12" to 20" to hit that guy way back behind that snake.

Top First Upgrade:

If there is one thing that you can do to your marker that doesn't require a second mortgage or technical know how, that will improve your game, its using an upgrade barrel. The Full Tilt paintball barrels combine the accuracy gained from using a two piece barrel with different bore sizes, with the Teflon coat of JJ's ceramic paintball barrel series. A stock barrel simply cannot compare with a dedicated precision machined barrel's accuracy and performance.

High Grade Barrel:

Made of T6 6061 aluminum this barrel is both light and versatile. The Ceramic coating is impregnated with Teflon to provide an ultra slick surface that broken paint cannot cling to. If you do get a break the paint will be blown out by the next ball, self cleaning the barrel and keeping you in the game for those crucial moments. the Teflon coating also reduces the friction on the ball as it passes through the barrel giving you a more consistent, more accurate shot.

A Simpler Solution:

If two pieces are two much, J & J also has a ceramic barrel with a one piece design that uses the same technology found in the Full Tilt series, without the extra barrel piece headache.