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There are few upgrades as easy and as fast as getting a J&J Ceramic barrel. Often the best and first upgrade to paintball guns, adding a ceramic barrel can do wonders to improve your accuracy and game. With a ceramic impregnated teflon coating these barrels can self clean on the field while eliminating friction between the ball and the barrel. Grab one of the most recommended first upgrades on the field today at Zephyr!
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J & J Ceramic Tippmann A-5 Barrel - 12 Inch
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Upgrade your current paintball setup with J & J Ceramic Barrels! From an entry level 'rookie' to the most experienced player out there, everyone knows your barrel makes or breaks your day of paintball. Whether your paintball set-up lacks accuracy, style, or just sheer ability, J&J has you covered with their high performance, machine-precision, aluminum paintball barrels...

For The New Players:

From in the store to on the field one of the best first upgrades you can make without tinkering or breaking the bank is to upgrade from your stock barrel. Why use a ceramic? Because it is crazy light and aside from poking your team mates, you'll never know it was there (but check because playing paintball without a barrel is embarrassing). Improving the length and quality of your barrel will drastically improve your game and training by improving the accuracy and the consistency of the ball's flight path. Since hitting opposing players is kind of important in paintball. Between $30 and $40 these barrels are a steal, and the perfect first step toward pumping up your game.

Made To Outperform:

The lightweight and accurate J&J Ceramic barrel is made from 6061 T6 aluminum then CNC machined to the highest quality standards in the industry. The ceramic coating and teflon impregnation reduces the friction rate to a minimum and actually self-cleans as you fire. With this special teflon coating, the broken paint cannot cling to the surface texture of the barrel, allowing you to clear your barrel with the next shot. The lack of friction in the barrel keeps your ball stable and reduces the drag that occurs as the ball leaves the barrel. With the ease and simplicity of a one piece JJ Ceramic barrel, it's a wonder why other players still run around with swabs sticking out of their gear. Leave the cleaning till after the game chump! Shoot straight through all your breaks with J&J!

J&J also produces a stellar 2-piece paintball barrel that offers the best of both worlds in paintball! In an even more accurate design, the J&J Full Tilt Series offers improved ergonomics with its 2-piece application alongside that same friction-reduced, self-cleaning ceramic interior.

The J & J Ceramic Barrel upgrade is one of the most popular upgrades in the game. These barrels are available in sizes 12",14",16" and 20". The increase in length will give you an even more accurate and consistent shot. Available in most thread types (Tippmann 98, A5/X7, Autococker, Impulse/Ion, Phantom and Spyder) you can be assured these barrels will be compatible with your marker.