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iFIT Paintball Barrel Boring Kit

After buying several brands and grades of paintballs, and sizing them all, we have found that many paintball manufacturers have started manufacturing paint smaller than .679 (smallest industry standard bore available). In many cases this change to a smaller bore paintball means that your current set of barrels are too big for the paint you are forced to buy. This means you will have less accuracy/efficiency.

The iFIT is a totally modular system that accommodates all paintballs and re-balls being sold today! What does this mean for you? It means that with nothing more than the barrels you already have in your gear bag, you can start sizing your paintballs correctly and obtaining those increases. It works with ANY barrel, on ANY gun. The iFit Kit allows for optimal compression of any paintball to maximize the potential gains from your barrel.


  • Works w/ ANY BARREL on ANY GUN
  • Largest range in bore sizes you will find from ANY manufacturer!
  • The iFIT Kit ranges in size from .692 down to .667.
  • The most efficient and accurate barrel kit on the Market!