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One of the first upgrades for your tippmann 98 should be a high performance barrel. The Model 98 is a bulletproof entry level paintball gun, but we all know the stock barrel leaves a bit to be desired. There are lots of choices when your ready to upgrade. Are you looking for more distance? better accuracy? Read through our barrel choice guideline below.
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Custom Products Classic .689 Bore Tippmann 98 Paintball Barrel
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Tippmann 98 Platinum Flatline Paintball Barrel Kit
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Tippmann Sniper Barrel Model 98 Barrel - 14 Inch
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Tippmann Bang Stikxx Muzzle Break
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Tippmann 98 .690 HammerHead Barrel Fin
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Sly Tippmann 98 Classic Barrel Back - Black
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More Information:

Spin is good for distance, or a little curveball

If distance is your thing, you need to take a look at either the Tippmann 98 Flatline barrel or the BT Apex barrel. Both of these put spin on the paintball to increase distance. The flatline barrel puts a fixed backspin on the ball adding 100-150 feet to your shot. Backspin also flattens out your shot so your not looping paint onto the field. The BT Apex takes a little different look at the backspin method. The BT apex allows you to adjust the amount of spin as well as the angle. You can put backspin, side spin, or top spin on the ball. Have someone hiding in a bunker and blind firing at you? Give it a little top spin and you can rain paint down on them. someone keeps leaning out from behind a bunker and shooting at you, give it a little sidespin and hit them with the curveball. The BT apex takes a little getting used to, but once you get used to it, it's a great tool. And if you want to turn off the spin, you have that option too.

Standard Tippmann Model 98 Barrels

Model 98 upgrade barrels atart at about $35. The J&J ceramic barrels are the standard upgrade barrel. The ceramic coating is amazing if you break paint in the barrel. Typically your able to fire a few shots and the barrels clean and good to go. Worse case run a swab through the barrel and your set. Accuracy on the J&J barrels are a vast improvement over stock. The next step in 98 barrels is the tippmann sniper barrel or lapco bigshot. The tippmann Sniper barrel is a pretty decent upgrade over stock at about $40. The lapco bigshot is a bit more pricey at about $65, but lapco barrels are known for there dead-on accuracy. The lapco barrels also allow you to attach various different tips to change the look of your gun.

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