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Paintball Goggles are the most important part of your Paintball Gear. Paintball Masks keep your eyes safe to play another day. We will discuss all kinds of different masks here. From an entry level goggle to a high end tournament level goggle. While they may look similar, the features in these goggles will help make your day at the paintball field much more enjoyable.

Thermal vs Single Paintball goggle lenses

So you will probably see most of the goggles we sell will say they are either a single lens or thermal lens. What does this mean and which do I want?

Single Paintball Lens

A Single lens is basically a piece of plastic which has passed the needed safety tests to be used on a paintball mask. The single lens paintball mask is typically the cheapest version available and while it will protect your eyes, this is one area that you will definitely want to upgrade when possible. Masks with a single lens will tend to fog up if it is hot humid or you are running around sweating a lot like you typically would in a normal game of paintball. Many of the single lens Goggles we sell will have a anti fog coating that will help reduce the amount of fogging in your goggles. While this helps, this is not as nice as having a good thermal lens in your paintball mask. If you cannot upgrade your mask to a thermal lens and cannot afford a new mask, you can try some anti fog spray. This will need to be re applied to the inside of your goggles every day that you play to maintain the anti fog protection.

Thermal Paintball Lens

Thermal lenses are what will come on most high end paintball goggles. Thermal Paintball Goggles will have a dual layer lens. One layer is the outside layer just like a single Lens. The second layer will be attached on the inside of the lens with a semi air tight foam to seal the lens. This will drastically reduce fogging and allow you to see the competition during your game.

Entry Level Paintball Goggles

Entry level paintball masks are similar to what you would get if you were to rent equipment at your local field. Entry level goggles will have a single lens and tend to be a little large and heavy. The foam around the eyes will also be less comfortable than a higher end goggle. Entry level Paintball Masks have a price range from $15 to $35. Our basic kit masks, either the Genx Stealth Mask or PMI Xray Goggles cost about $20 but will not allow you to upgrade your lens. Some of the better entry level Paintball goggles like the Proto El or JT Carnivore will allow you to upgrade to a thermal lens down the road.

You might think finding the perfect paintball mask is the least of your worries but actually its one of the main priorities in finding the perfect setup for your paintball experience. Not just for the looks or comfort, but for the safety of yourself. Now you may be browsing through and notice that the price somewhat varies between the different types of masks. Well, when you are looking at the design of a paintball mask that is more expensive it becomes lighter, provides more padding, better fog resistance and more ventilation. Let's start with a basic mask.
The Proto EL is a basic starter mask that may not be the most comfortable but will do the job by protecting your noggin. It provides a woven goggles strap that you can adjust for the perfect fit. There is foam padding for the ears. Throughout the mask there are tiny holes for ventilation to help with fogging. The Proto EL has a single lens that is Anti-fog, but not thermal. Depending on where you live could decide if a single lens will work or not. If you live in a very humid area a THERMAL LENS, which is a duel pane lens (makes it anti-fog) would be the more accurate choice so you don't have to worry about fogging while in game.
A higher end thermal mask is the Empire Events The Events would fall in the category of a high end mask. What makes this mask worth more than the Proto EL? The Empire Events are lighter, have SOFT EARS for more padding, greater ventilation and a Thermal lens. The lens itself is very easy to remove. An active player might find that changing the lens is a big deal for them. Being active and playing once or twice a week you may run into more wear on your lenses. Also, the Events are a very low profile mask which is preferable especially for tournament play. You want a light thin design to keep yourself away from being a big target and also for easy maneuvering which makes the Events the better choice. The Dye I4 is the hottest mask in paintball currently. Ultra lightweight with an insanely small profile, it's perfect for tournament players. Players with large faces and or chins may have some issue though as your chin may extend beyond that mask which could lead to some painful shots.
Can I wear my glasses while I play? What's great about some of the paintball masks that we carry is that they provide enough room for your eye glasses. A good choice for eye glasses is the V-force Profiler mask. With the bug eyed lens on the Profiler you have enough room to wear your eye glasses while being comfortable. JT and V-force are usually a good choice if you wear glasses.