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Paintball Harness
Harnesses, also known as a pod packs, allow a player to carry extra paint and in some cases a tank. It either has a belt clip or velcro that goes around the waist or may also sometimes be a vest.
How much paint can I hold with a harness?
It depends on how many pods your harness can carry. Each pod can hold about 140 paintballs. Harnesses range from carrying 2 pods up to 6. A 4+1 harness can hold 4 pods. The +1 refers to the tank it can carry if you are using a remote line. Other harnesses can be 4+3 or 3+2. The +3 and +2 refer to extra pods that it can carry. The harness may only have 4 main pod holders but can have 3 small loops in between those that are able to carry extra pods. Some harnesses may even be able to hold 15 pods!
What harness is good for me?
It depends on the style of paintball you play. Speedball players tend to use a lot more paint than woodsball or scenario players do. Most speedball players have a harness that can hold at least 4 pods of paint.

Remote coils are very popular among woodsball players. One end connects to the gun and one to the tank, which is carried on the harness. For example, a player who uses a remote coil would need a 4+1 harness. It's got 4 pod holders and one tank pouch.

Speedball harnesses do not feature tank pouches for a remote line as players constantly switch hands to fire and fill their tanks often. Some basic harnesses feature the pod holders that face forward on the side of the body instead of the back. This allows a player to easily put an empty pod back into its pocket. This is necessary because discarding and retrieving a spent pod in a woodsball game is infeasible.

You may also consider the position you play when looking for a harness. Back players in speedball tend to spray a lot of paint so consider more pod holders if you are a back position player.