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Purchasing a Paintball loader can be a difficult proposition if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. We have an extensive selection of both high-end and basic Paintball loaders to choose from, not to mention everything in between! Here's a little run down of some hopper basics along with highlight of some of the hoppers we carry.

Entry Level Gravity Feed Hoppers

On the cheap side, better yet ~ beginner stage, we have your standard Gravity fed paintball loader. Various different companies make your standard 200 round gravity feed hopper and there really is no performance difference between all of the versions out there. Basically they will all have a similar shape and feed as fast as one another. This loader is good entry level compatible with all paintball guns on the market. However, being gravity fed, it will only feed as fast as the paintballs drop. Gravity feed hoppers usually consist of a 200 round container complete with a lid. With a maximum feed rate of 8BPS, these hoppers may become jammed as too many balls accumulate above the tube. Of course when this occurs, rocking the gun gently should successfully dislodge any jammed paintballs. We do not recommend that you use electronic paintball guns with gravity fed hoppers as the gun will typically shoot faster than the hopper can feed resulting in chopped paint and a disappointing day at the field. A new take on the gravity feed hopper that was just released this year is the Proto Primo loader. The Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high rates of fire while drastically reducing paint jams.

Entry Level Electronic Hoppers

This level of Paintball Hoppers typically have an automatic agitation to help increase the feed of paint to your paintball marker. Paintball feed rates typically range from 10 to 15 bps. This level is fast enough to keep up with most paintball guns up to about the $150 range. In this category we have the Extreme Rage Overdrive, Viewloader Force and Tippmann paintball hoppers. These loaders are both inexpensive and effective for any player on a budget. Being electronically agitated, these hoppers provide a constant flow of paintballs to the gun at roughly 10-15 balls per second. These are good options for any type of player who does not have a ton of money but wants an effective electronic loader for their gun. Some of the drawbacks to this level of hopper will be higher noise levels, constant agitation (your hopper will constantly be running when you turn it on whether your gun is firing or not). This tends to run down your batteries if you do not remember to turn off your hopper.

Mid Level Electronic Paintball Loaders

With increased price come a bit of a performance increase. Hoppers in this range will feed 15 to 25+ BPS along with having either a sound activated or eye activated feed system.

Eye Activated feed

- Eye Activated hoppers have a vision eye similar to what is found on higher end paintball guns. If the eye senses that there is no paint in the feed tube, it will feed, if it senses that you are not firing, the motor is shut off. This saves a lot of battery life as well as reducing broken paint in the hopper when it is trying to feed but your gun is not firing. The invert Halo Too, Viewloader Evolution 3 & 4and Spyder Fasta Loadersare examples of eye activated hoppers in this category

Sound Activated Feed

The feed motor on these hoppers are activated by the sound of your paintball marker firing. The thought being that they only feed when you are firing your marker and need paint. This technology was designed before the newer electronic guns were designed. Many Paintball guns like the Invert Mini and Dangerous Power G4 may actually be too quiet for the sound sensor to pick up that your gun us firing without adjusting the sound sensitivity. If you are not the type of person who like to read manuals or tinker than a sound activated hopper may not be for you. The Extreme Rage Sonic DB and Empire Reloader B are examples of Sound Activated Paintball Hoppers.
Both styles of Mid Range Paintball Loaders provide incredible speed with precision monitoring and anti chop technology. These hopper provide enough performance to satisfy the casual paintball player with a fast consistent Hopper to provide a full day of play at your local field.

High End Electronic Paintball Loaders

Whether your a Paintball Tournament player, or just need to have the best Paintball Gear. These Paintball Loaders are the fastest on the market with the most advanced technology available today. With feed rates ranging from 20 to 50+ Balls per second, your hopper will no longer be what limits your firing rate.

The Halo hopper

Like most other high end paintball loaders,the Halo B line of Loaders is EYE activated which entirely does away with chopped balls! That, along with its ‘stock’ 22+ BPS firing rate enables its user to fire at will and own the competition! The Halo B line of hoppers features a belt drive technology that reduces ball breakage by reducing the pressure on paint in the hopper. The Halo B also features a spring loaded drive cone to further reduce ball breakage while still allow the loader to have a high feed burst when need for short spurts during a game. If 22+ BPS doesn’t get you excited, check out the higher end Halo B upgraded V35 boards ramping up your firing abilities to 35+ Balls per second!

Pinokio Paintball Loader

The all new Pinokio Paintball hoppers give you options on the field! They feature a removable nose piece which allows you to hold an additional 170 balls in the hopper. Pair that with its remarkable speed, and you’ve got yourself one of the hottest loaders on the market! At 30+ ball per second, rate of fire your speed is well covered. And even with all this speed, No need to worry… The Pinokio has the ability to go through 37+ cases of paint on just 2 nine volt batteries making it one of the most eco-friendly hoppers out there! On another note – Mike Paxson, a true professional on the field, plays with the Pinokio Hopper. If a Dye Ironman player like Mike has no problems using it then surely it can be trusted.

Is your paintball gun going hungry out there on the field?? View Loader paintball hoppers won’t starve your marker no matter how fast you shoot! At the forefront of paintball hopper technology, View Loader prides themselves on making the best darn hoppers around! With already upgraded stock features like the Z-board and JVON flexible blades for better feed and a curved door for faster fills, View loader truly sets themselves aside from the competitors! The best part about View Loader hoppers is that adding one to your arsenal won’t even break the bank! View Loader gives high-end abilities without having to go over that already-tight paintball budget!

And last but certainly not least, DYE Paintball’s latest and greatest paintball hopper yet.. the all new DYE Rotor! With unmatched aesthetics, the Dye Rotor does more than just look good! REVOLUTIONARY PATENTED ROTOR TECHNOLOGY - The ROTOR LOADER far exceeds pro level feed requirements with an ever impressive 50+ balls per second feed rate. No need to even speculate, just try to beat this beast on the field!Battery performance on this baby is insane with 50K+ shots recorded before they got tired of counting.

So there you have it, start with your paintball marker and go from there! Whether you’re looking to upgrade you’re already-sick set-up with a high-end terror of a paintball hopper or simply just getting started, has everything you need to get in the game and dominate!

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