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What is the Buyer's Guide
Welcome to the Zephyr Buyer's Guide. In the following sections you will be able to find information about our products as well as find answers to common questions.

To use this guide, follow the sections above to navigate to the sport and product type you would like to learn more about. Use this guide to help you shop or educate yourself or others on different topics within the various sports or activities of interest.

Within each section you will find common questions and answers as well as an overall topic overview. To help you navigate quickly to the information you need, you can follow the links listed in the FAQ navbar located on each page.

The Buyer's Guide is a continuing project and will updated frequently.
What is covered in the Airsoft section?
The Airsoft section currently covers: Pistols, Rifles, BBs & Ammo, and Batteries & Chargers.
What is covered in the Paintball section?
The paintball section is currently being updated and will provide information on a multitude of paintball products.