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Whether your a paintball beginner or have played for years, Sly Paintball Masks are perfect for you. From the entry level Sly Annex mask to the high end Sly Profit Masks, trust Sly Paintball to keep you safe and secure on the field with unmatched field of vision and fog free performance. Zephyr stocks the full line of Sly Profit and Sly Annex Paintball Masks.
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The top of the line Sly Paintball mask is here. The Sly Profit and Sly Annex are both well designed paintball masks built to get you on the field and keep you in the game. With innovative designs and fog free thermal lenses, Sly Paintball Goggles are some of the best choices in a paintball mask.

Sly Profit

The Sly Profit mask includes a thermal gradient lens to reduce fogging and give you clear vision throughout the game. Sly's dual goggle strap allows you to adjust your mask exactly how you want. The Profit paintball mask is not the smallest pair of goggles in the market. While only slightly larger, they chose to provide a little more protection and comfort instead of leaving more of your head and neck exposed. On the inside of the mask, sly provides plenty of foam to make the sly paintball mask comfortable for a long day of play. Wear Glasses? Sly has a notch in the foam just for you. The Mask Sly Profit also has plenty of venting throughout to help keep you cool and fog free. The ear protection on the profit is top of the line, although this may restrict your hearing slightly, most people will prefer the extra comfort. The Sly Profit mask comes in a broad range of colors from your standard Red, Black, Olive, White and Blue to a complete line of Neon colors so you can stand out on the field. We also offer a complete line of lenses to suit your play. Whether you're looking for a dark smoke or mirror for a bright sunny day or clear or amber for those overcast days for your mask, Sly has you covered. For a full Sly Profit Review be sure to check out our blog.

Sly Annex

Just released for 2012, the Sly Annex paintball mask brings high end features without the high end price tag. The Sly Annex includes a thermal lens and dual foam padding to keep the mask comfortable. The Sly Annex has plenty of ventilation to keep you cool and fog free as well as angled slots to keep paint out of your mouth on those face shots. The Sly Annex Strap has silicone strips to keep the mask secure on your head. A full 160 degree vertical and 260 degree horizontal view makes sure you can see every part of the game. The Sly annex has a quick change lens system similar to the sly profit allowing you to have multiple lenses to suite weather conditions with the ability to change in under a minute. The Sly annex mask comes in standard black as well as four different custom camo colors. Theses colors use an advanced hydrographic finish process that makes every mask unique and is resistant to paint etching and gouges.For a complete Sly Annex Review be sure to check out our blog.