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Empire Paintball Loaders are built for tournament paintball. Starting with the Empire Halo too at 20+BPS you get insanely fast feed rates and sound operated feed operation so your loader will feed on every shot. The Empire Prophecy Z2 is the latest in high end tournamnet level paintball loaders. The Z2 holds 180 paintballs and features tool free disassembly along with the Rip drive and RF upgradeability to link your gun and your hopper together. Empire didn't want the scenario guys to miss out, so they ame out with with BT Rip clip that is compatible with all BT combat based guns as well as the BT Delta, Delta Elite, TM7 and TM15. The BT Rip clip provides sound activated operation as well as a rip drive.
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The latest paintball loaders from empire paintball include the Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader as well as the Halo Too and Rip Clip Loaders. The Prophecy Z2 loader is the ultimate in tournament loaders. Insane feed rates, no tools disassembly, sound activated and rf chip ready. The Empire Prophecy Z2 holds 200 paintballs and includes the rip drive system. If your looking for a high end tournament loader, you can't beat the Prophecy Z2 loader.
Not ready to spend $150+ on your next hopper? Take a look at the Empire Halo TOO. Feeding 20+BPS and costing about $75, the Halo too gives you alot of bang for your buck. Built on time tested Halo belt drive technology, the Halo too is sound activated and can be upgraded with the rip drive to manually get through those occasional jams. The Empire Halo Too was rebranded in 2012 from Invert to Empire, no change in the loader, just a new logo on the side. The Halo Too holds 180 paintballs and includes the freeway anti jam for top performance.
Have a BT Paintball Gun? The BT Rip Clip now works with all BT guns including the BT 4 Combat, Delta, TM7, TM15, Slice and Omega. The BT Rip clip gives you sound activated 15+ BPS performance and is RF compatible if your ready to link your gun with your hopper for ultimate performance. The Rip Clip has 3 adjustable speed and sound settings to get just the performance you need.
Empire paintball makes some of the best tournament Paintball Hoppers in the world. With the insane rate of fire of todays paintball guns, you need a high performance hopper to keep the paint flying. Built on the years of experience learned through the Halo hoppers, Empire released the Empire Magna Loader in 2008. This took many of the features of the popular Halo Loaders and improved upon them. The Empire Magna also added the Magna Clutch system. This was a group of adjustable magnets that controlled the amount of force incurred on a paintball. You could could now set your hopper to insane speeds and loosen up the clutch and you would never have broken paint in the hopper again.

In 2009, Empire released the Empire Prophecy Loader. This built on the lessons learned from the Magna Loader. The Prophecy includes the Magna Clutch system, RF technology, magnetic lid, rip drive and many other of the Magna features. Empire decided to return to the Halo style shell that paintball players were accustomed too. Empire was able to re-engineer the hopper to shave weight, lower the hopper profile, and increase the speed. The Prophecy also allows you to change the size of the hopper by installing different size nose cones. Players have the option of using the standard 240 round nose or switching to a 195 round or 260 round nose cone in a matter of seconds. The prophecy allows you to change your battery in seconds without any tools. The Empire Freeway Anti-jam which was released in 2008 as an upgrade for all current Empire and Halo Loaders is now included on the Prophecy Hopper. Be sure to check out our entire library of Prophecy loader Videos.