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The Empire Invert Halo Too paintball loader is one of the best mid level paintball hoppers on the market. Empire took the halo B loader and worked the kinks out of it and brought it back at a lower price point. at 20+BPS, the Halo too will keep up with any tournament gun on the market. The halo too is sound activated and uses the ultra quiet belt drive coupled with the freeway anti-jam for a consistent feed. The halo too will accept halo compatible speed feeds and runs off of 6 aa batteries.
More Information:
The Halo too can be upgraded with a rip drive to allow manual operation in case of a jam. The halo too comes in matte black, camo and white version are rumored to be on the way. The halo too was originally released under the invert brand name but has since been rebranded as the empire halo too. No change to the hopper besides a new logo. We've left both categories since people are still used to hearing Invert halo too.