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Highly Advanced Loader Operations - HALO. Odyssey hoppers are made from polycarbonate for a light and extremely durable hopper. The feed neck is internally reinforced with a one piece tubular sleeve to make it strong and reliable. All the screws, which hold the HALO together, screw into metal nuts; to avoid stripping out of the shell. We know the shell is durable but how about the performance? The "catch cup" or circular recess in the bottom of the loader gives the paint an easy track to help the flow of the paint. Centered in the catch cup is the drive cone. The drive cone has a few compartments that help direct the paintballs down the feed neck into the paintball gun. The mechanics of this hopper were well thought out to be a reliable, consistent loader. The Halo is similar to most hoppers when it comes to size and weight. It holds about 180 paintballs and will do the job for any beginner gun or even some of the top of the line paintball guns. When you are first starting out and getting the feel of paintball a standard halo will do the job. Now, when you get into the higher performing paintball guns such as a G3, Invert Mini, 09 Rail you may want to consider the Victory 35 Board. The upgraded Victory Board allows up to 35 balls per second. Better battery life and better response. This board is not an absolute necessity but if you feel your halo is not up to par with your gun, it's something to consider.