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Don't let the big nose scare you away. This hopper is great for players who want to kick back and let go 400 rounds in one full hopper. What's great about this hopper is that it gives you options. If one day you feel like jumping around with as little weight as possible the standard 140 round shell is all for you, but what's great about Paintball you never know what field opportunity comes at you. So why not have an easy interchangeable nose to allow those options. Ok, so we know it can hold plenty of paint for our experience. How about speed? Well, with a 30+ ball per second rate of fire your speed is well covered. With all this speed how often am I going to change batteries? No need to worry. The Pinokio has the ability to go through 37+ cases of paint on just 2 nine volt batteries! Lets be honest, only 2 nine volt batteries for that much paint - definitely economy-friendly. On another note - Mike Paxson, a true professional on the field, plays with the Pinokio Hopper. If a Dye Ironman player like Mike has no problems using it then surely it can be trusted.

Overall the Pinokio hopper is light, fast, durable and used by many. If you are looking for a reliable hopper for speedball or scenario/woodsball the Pinokio is your nose