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Alien Paintball Guns

Alien guns are among the lightest of the full size guns, with a solid feel, comfortable grip frame, excellent balance and easy handling. Alien triggers are fast and smooth. Alien Markers have a solid feel with walls that are visibly thicker than guns of similar weight. Because the guns are modular, each piece can be minimized for a lightweight but full strength design. The low pressure regulator of Alien Paintball guns provides a quieter, calmer, and more accurate shot. Every Alien gun is exceptionally calm and very fast. They are smooth, light, and accurate, and the quality of manufacturing and use of the best parts is evident throughout each marker.
More Information:
Alien Paintball is a well respected name in tournament level play. Their guns offer some of the best performance for the price, and are notorious for wiping out the competition. In the heat of a firefight, you need a gun that can out-preform your opponents, and that is what you get with Alien Paintball guns. They are lightweight, calm, and accurate, so while your opponent is losing his cool trying to fill up his hopper, you can spray him with paint and take your team to the podium.