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Pump Paintball is a whole game in itself! Feel the power of pump now with CCI Phantom Pump Paintball Guns!

The Phantom is a .68 caliber, pump action CO2 powered gun designed to fire paintballs at 200 to 300 fps (feet per second) as accurately as possible to mark the aiming point with the splat of a paintball.

The Phantom cocks and loads a paintball when the pump is pulled fully back and returned to its full forward position. Squeezing the trigger releases the hammer striking the power tube allowing a blast of CO2 to fire a paintball. The design of the trigger firing mechanism allows a rapid fire capability. With constant pull on the trigger, the gun fires with each pump action.

Over the years CCI has changed and improved their product and now offer various configuration and colors of The Phantom pump action paintball guns. All pump action guns can be converted from gravity feed to stock class configuration. Stock Class showcases the skill of the player and structures the play to a more sportsman like game.

Stock Class is a specific configuration that has the feed tube parallel to the breech requiring a tilting to load a paintball ( rock and cock). The stock class paintball gun is power by a single 12 gram CO2 powerlet that is held in place by a knob or housing that has to be completely removed to change the 12 gram powerlet.