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The Dangerous Power G4 gives you the performance of $1000 gun for a lot less. Weighing in at 1.85 lbs with battery, the dangerous power g4 is insanely light. The G4 improved on the G3 with an O-ring less bolt, the o-rings are actually in the body of the marker, not the bolt. The G4 trigger has a 4 way adjustment so you always have the perfect trigger pull, no need to upgrade later. The dangerous power g4 comes standard with break beam anti chop eyes as well as an improved micro switch programmable circuit board, huge improvement over the g3. A 14" Autococker threaded barrel and DM threaded Feedneck are standard on the Dangerous Power g4 paintball gun.
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Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Gun Features:

  • Dangerous Power G4 Light Weight - You will notice as soon as you pick up your Dangerous Power G4 that this baby is light. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, the Dangerous Power G4 is one of the lightest paintball guns on the market.
  • Dangerous Power G4 O-ring Free Bolt - The bolt on the Dangerous Power G4 incorporates the O-ring-less bolt of the Spec R series guns. This translates to the same accuracy and efficiency as the Spec R series guns for $100 less.
  • Dangerous Power G4 Ramping Board - Adjusting modes on your paintball gun has never been easier than on the Dangerous Power G4. The DP G4 has a fully programmable micro-switch board that will suite the preferences of any paintball player.
  • Dangerous Power G4 Adjustable Trigger - Dangerous power listened to their customers and have added the Rev-I four way trigger adjustment which includes the breakaway magnet. The Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Gun trigger ranks up with the highest tournament level paintball guns on the market for about a third of the price

The dangerous power g4 is also highly upgrade-able. While the g4 is a great gun stock out of the box, it's nice to know we can tinker down the road. For increased efficiency and accuracy, check out the TechT L7 Bolt. The most common upgrades for the g4 are an autococker barrel, upgraded bolt, as well as a virtue board.