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The Dangerous Power G5 paintball Gun has some pretty swee new improvements. The G5 is now hose free, so all air goes through the frame of the gun. No more macro line leaks. The G5 will start at $329 with plenty of packages available to get you on the field. Full G 5 Specs are below.
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Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Features

  • Changing the world. One game at a time. G5 - DP Engineering continues to strive for the exceptional design, combined with the standards of todays players. DPs years of experience in craftsmanship & intricate design brings forth a high quality marker, loaded with features such as the Stinger Frame, Wave Trigger, Subsonic Bolt Engine, & Riptide Regulator. DP is proud to proclaim the intricacy in design, simplified by Engineering, the all new G5. Staying ahead of the curve.

  • Low-Pressure Stinger Frame - The G5s Unibody Frame, Milled from high-grade Aluminum, houses the Inline reinforced Stinger Frame Low-Pressure system. High speed precision milling is used through the Stinger Frame to contain the Low-Pressure Inline system. The Stinger Frame includes a heavy-duty bracing structure for increased durability and is complimented with a high-performing lightweight design. Cutting edge technology, stamped with ingenuity.

  • Riptide Regulator - The Engineers of DP invigorates the Riptide Regulator. A superior design, the Riptide Regulators operation simulates the art of nature by directing the flow of pressure & combining as one controlled force. The High Pressure Regulator receives direct pressure from the Stinger Frame low-pressure system, allowing a fluid path with an extremely durable design. The components of the Riptide Regulator are very light, compact, & comprised of only a 7 stationary O-ring build.

  • Subsonic Bolt Engine - The G5 gun includes the Subsonic high performance bolt engine for increased performance and efficiency. A lower pressure operation achieves accurate & high-powered performance- Achieved by DPs Standard. The Ported vents on the G5 Bolt generates fluid motion during bolt-actuation, while creating a subsonic flow from the pressure chamber and through the vented ports to cushion paint while delivering a powerful trajectory. DPs Patent Dump-Valve Design has come a long way and continues prestigious quality with groundbreaking performance.

  • Innovative DP Style Clamping Feedneck - Dangerous Power Engineers continue to reinvent & improve technologies, such as our patent Clamping Feedneck & is now loaded with new features! Cushioned locking-mechanism helps decrease Lever-Wear while providing a firm hold. The improved Milled lock-nut design, ensuring a secure loader fit from the Snap to Finish.

  • Wave Trigger - The Dangerous Power G5 includes the Innovative Wave Trigger and is fully milled & constructed with high-precise dual bearings & critical pivoting motion to replicate fluid-motion with extreme comfort. The breakaway magnet is assisted with a compression spring, fit for high performance. The Wave Trigger allows fine tuning for increased trigger sensitivity on a 3-Axis adjustment plane. This adjustable plane also grants a, Zero side play for extreme comfort & high performance.