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Dangerous Power Paintball

Dangerous Power Paintball was created by a team of world class engineers who share a vision in creating the most innovative, groundbreaking products the paintball industry has ever seen. Whether you choose the incredibly value packed Fusion, the sleek new F8, the ultra-rare Threshold, or the cutting edge simplicity offered by the G4, & now even the G5, you can play with confidence knowing that you possess one of the world's finest engineered products.
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Dangerous Power E1 1 Star Paintball Gun Starter Pack
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Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun

The Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun will be released in Mid December. We will begin taking pre-orders Shortly. The Dangerous Power E1 will be available in Black/Black & Blue/Black. Optimum Performance at a Lower Price The E1 touches the fine points of Dangerous Power's accomplishments and performance. The E1's strengthened core is constructed of our distinguished & popular "Dump-Valve System" & is equipped with a micro-switch board capable of firing in Semi-auto mode & Full-auto fire modes capped at 25 bps. High Pressure Regulator The E1's high pressure regulator is composed of the G3's highly accurate OPR system & internals. The E1's OPR's operation is service-friendly & easy to maintain. Dump Valve Bolt System The E1's Dump Valve system is one of the finest and very efficient firing systems for Dangerous Power's spool valve markers. Maintenance for the fire assembly is simple & is constructed of 2 moving parts. The E1's fire assembly and operation proceeds from the G3's heritage, DP's greatest achievement.

Dangerous POwer Fusion FX Paintball Gun

The long awaited FX finally takes a stand and delivers dangerous and cutting edge technology to the Fusion Series. The Fusion FX takes a prideful stand and fierce introduction for the new decade! Through intricate design and development, the Fusion series conjures powerful attributes making it a new class of Dangerous Power markers. From superior quality, the FX's newly designed internals ensure dominating performance. The slim striker system's compact performance aims to deliver efficiency and accuracy. The lightweight body and internals ensures quick mobility for a fast response time. The OLED micro-switch board is capable of programming tournament modes and much more. The Fusion X grasps the balance of raw power, accuracy, and mobility all at an affordable price. Dangerous Power is proud to unleash the new generation of Fusions - The FX.

Dangerous Power G3 Spec R Paintball Gun

After weeks of anticipation and assumptions, the all new Dangerous Power G3 Spec-R is ready to be released. We retained all the great aspects that made the G3 a paintball house hold name but listened to all the advice the fans gave.
The Dangerous Power G3 was one of the smallest and lightest markers in paintball, and the DP went ahead and made it even smaller and lighter. Weighing in at less that 1.8lbs,(barrel and battery included) that officially makes the G3 Spec-R the lightest paintball marker around. Even though smaller and lighter, the Spec-R does not sacrifice comfort or performance. Following the same "dump valve" design, the G3 Spec-R offers an o-ring-less bolt design that not only increases the efficiency but also the longevity of the o-rings, in addition, the G3 Spec-R comes stocked with a fully programmable micro-switch board that offers all the necessary tournament modes and ability to adjust multiple set points. Combine the board with our fully adjustable magnetic ball bearing trigger to get the G3 Spec-R ready for all players, at any level!

Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Gun

The G4 has now arrived and invokes the triumphs and prosperity of Dangerous Power's advanced engineering through its innovations and master craftsmanship. The G-Series is reborn and leaves the competition in its wake. The G4 weighs in at 1.79lbs including barrel, RAPS ASA, low-profile clamping feedneck, & battery. The G4 has adapted the Spec-R's accuracy and efficiency by utilizing the O-ring-less bolt system. The O-ring-less bolt not only improves the G4's performance, but also decreases O-ring wear and tear resulting in less maintenance! The G4 demands precision and comfort by adopting the Rev-I's four-way trigger adjustment including the breakaway magnetic trigger. The G4 includes a new, fully engineered, spring-assisted regulator increasing its accuracy and durability. Dangerous Power Engineering has enforced qualities in the G4 to adapt to change and overcome any scenario by implementing a fully programmable micro-switch board for every player's preference. Presenting strength, power and dexterity guarantees fulfillment with the G4.

Dangerous Power Rev-I Paintball Gun

The Dangerous Power Rev-i paintball gun (pronounced Revy) represents the latest and greatest in technology by being one of the best innovative paintball guns on the market. Players have never been so in touch with their own Paintball gun till now; with its see through design for close attention to the o-rings and bolt, swiveling rake style to sling style adjustable trigger, pressure gauge located on the back of the gun and much more to impress. Taking a look internally we will find one of the best designed boards with a 35+ Balls Per Second capability. No need for dip switches; so don't even think about opening your grips to change modes. The simplicity of the OLED board is astonishing, designed by APE; you get a user friendly interface that will not disappoint. The bolt is a one piece, one moving part design being light and efficient. It is also easily removable down the front of the barrel with just a few turns by a provided Allen Wrench. Experience being in control with every aspect of your gun weather it is adjusting the trigger, changing barrels and even programming the board to your specific needs.