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Gog eXTCY Paintball Guns - With Up-To-Date Technology, The GoG eXTCY features a lot of bang for the buck! At only $249.95, the all new GoG eXTCY is great for any level paintball player! The lightweight design employs a full metal aluminum alloy structure making it easy to maneuver and built to last! The Gog eXTCY includes standard features like Anti-Chop eyes and the Max-Flow R vertical regulator. Removeable eye covers make for easy cleaning. Most importantly, the Gog eXTCY fires 20+ paintballs per second straight out of the box, equipped with a stock board fully capable of various firing modes including: semi auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst, PSP and BillyBall! Don't stress about the mess, maintaining your paintball gun has never been easier with the all new bolt out back design! Take your eXTCY apart in minutes rather than hours and you'll even be able to put it back together.
More Information:
The Gog eXTCY uses an Ion/Impulse threaded barrel and shocker nxt feedneck to allow for easy upgrades. The eXCTY paintball gun is built to run on either co2 or Compressed air so you can use whatever tank you happen to have although as always you will get better performance from compressed air.