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The GOG G1 brings tournament firepower to a tactical paintball gun. The Gog G1 is ready to accept whatever sights and attachments you need with plenty of rails built into the marker body. The Gog G1 is competitive out of the box firing 11BPS stock. The G1 is easily upgradeable to 25 BPS with a QEV and the Blackheart board. The GOG G1 includes an adjustable feedneck to allow you to position the loader on either the left or right side, perfect for when you attach a scope or sight to your Gog G1. The stock barrel on the G1 is a 14" tactical barrel that is plenty accurate. This isn't your typical stock barrel. The Gog G1 includes a collapsible stock to get just the right feel when you shoulder the G1. The Gog G1 paintball gun was built to run off of compressed air or co2 so you can use whatever tank you have already although Zephyr always recommends HPA for the best paintball experience. Gog paintball has released multiple attachments for the GOG G1, but most standard rail attachment will work fine with the G1.
More Information:

The GoG G1 Paintball Marker is 2011's first new Military Sim Scenario/Woodsball Paintball Gun. Priced at only $249.95, the G1 is great for any paintball enthusiast!

With 7 different accessory rails and built using high quality 6000 series aluminum with high grade composite materials, the G1 is one of the most durable and customizable paintball guns on the market!

Straight out of the box, the G1 shoots 11 Balls Per Second and can easily be upgraded to shoot up to 25 BPS.

Low battery operated! With just a standard 9-Volt battery, the GoG G1 paintball gun will easily rock out at least 20,000 shots... That's more than 10 boxes of paint on one fresh battery!

A unique feature on this military sim gun is the offset adjustable feedneck. This allows for various scopes and/or top rail accessories to be more effective than ever! This really enables all your scenario upgrades to play a bigger role in your success on the field!

Unmatched Stock Accuracy! With a precision machined 14 inch tactical paintball barrel standard on the G1, you'll have no use for any other aftermarket barrels!

The GoG G1 is guaranteed to perform with either HPA or C02 and is fully equipped with the Max-Flow R vertical regulator firing each shot more consistent than the last!

Get your Scenario Paintball Game On with the G1 from GoG Paintball!

GoG G1 Features:

  • 11 bps ( upgradable to 25+ with QEV and Board )
  • Customer adjustable 'left, right or center feed neck'
  • Modes Include semi auto, fully auto and 3 shot burst also PSP & BillyBall
  • 14" Tactical Barrel
  • M16 Style extending stock
  • Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design
  • Simple 9-Volt Operation
  • Mulit-Gas Operation
  • Light Microswitch Trigger with 2 Adjustable Points
  • Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
  • Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread
  • Integrated Tactical Flashlight Mount
  • 7 Accessory Rails for ultimate mounting options
  • Built using high quality 6000 series aluminum and high grade composite materials for ultimate strength.