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Gog Paintball Guns
Gog Paintball - The reincarnation of Smart Parts is here. New improved paintball guns including the Gog Extcy, Gog G1 Tactical and Gog Envy. Starting at 11bps, the GOG line of paintball guns is upgradeable to 25 BPS with a blackheart board and a qev. Gog paintball guns will run off of co2 or compressed air tanks and use an impulse threaded barrel.
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GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun
Zephyr Low Price: $149.95
GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun - Rally White - OPEN BOX
Zephyr Low Price: $134.95
Save: $14.64 (9%)
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Introducing the Brand New 2011 line of GoG Paintball Guns!!!

Something here for everyone... Entry Level, More Experienced, and Mil/Sim Styled Markers. The full line of GoG Paintball Guns showcase standard stock features that will compete right out of the box. Don't believe us?? Check out the specs below and get in the game with GoG Paintball!

GoG eXTCY Paintball Guns

With Up-To-Date Technology, The GoG eXTCY features a lot of bang for not so much buck! At only $249.95, the all new GoG eXTCY Paintball Gun is great for any level paintball player! This lightweight design employs a full metal aluminum alloy structure making it easy to maneuver and built to last! Standard features like Anti-Chop eyes, the Max-Flow R vertical regulator and removable eye covers yield less time chopping paint and more time spent taking out the competition! Most importantly, this marker fires 20+ balls per second straight out of the box and is equipped with a stock board fully capable of various firing modes including: semi auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst, PSP and BillyBall! Don't stress about the mess, maintaining your paintball gun has never been easier with the all new Bolt Out Back design! Take your eXTCY apart in minutes rather than hours and you'll even be able to put it back together.

GoG G1 Paintball Marker

2011's first new Military Sim Scenario/Woodsball Paintball Gun. Priced at only $249.95, the G1 is great for any paintball enthusiast! With 7 different accessory rails and built using high quality 6000 series aluminum with high grade composite materials, the G1 is one of the most durable and customizable paintball guns on the market! Straight out of the box, the G1 shoots 11 Balls Per Second and can easily be upgraded to shoot up to 25 BPS. Low battery operated! With just a standard 9-Volt battery, the GoG G1 paintball gun will easily rock out at least 20,000 shots... That's more than 10 boxes of paint on one fresh battery! A unique feature on this military sim gun is the offset adjustable feedneck. This allows for various scopes and/or top rail accessories to be more effective than ever! This really enables all your scenario upgrades to play a bigger role in your success on the field! Unmatched Stock Accuracy! With a precision machined 14 inch tactical paintball barrel standard on the G1, you'll have no use for any other aftermarket barrels! The GoG G1 is guaranteed to perform with either HPA or C02 and is fully equipped with the Max-Flow R vertical regulator firing each shot more consistent than the last! Get your Scenario Paintball Game On with the G1 from GoG Paintball!

GoG Envy Paintball Gun

Reliable, Affordable, and Effective! Designed for entry level and field rental players, the GoG Envy will hold up against some of the best guns in paintball! Straight out of the box, the GoG Envy shoots a solid 11 Balls Per Second and can easily be upgraded to shoot up to 25BPS. The stock board on this baby is fully capable of various firing modes including: semi auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst, PSP and BillBall! Easy maintainability with its Bolt Out Back design allows for full gun cleaning (inside and out) in minutes rather than hours after a full day at the field. Guaranteed to perform with either C02 or HPA, the GoG Envy is also equipped with the Max-Flow R vertical regulator. This enables its user consistent shooting all day! Not only consistent shooting, but also the GoG Envy comes with a 2 point adjustable trigger which gives the user the ability to adjust the length and feel of each trigger pull. Couple that with the option to use any Smart Parts threaded paintball barrel (Ion, Impulse, NXY Shocker) and you are set to dominate the competition on the field regardless of your playing level! Only $199.95!