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Looking for an entry level paintball gun? Take a look at the JT Cybrid. The JT cybrid is a semi automatic paintball gun meaning there are no electronics. One trigger pull, one paintball. At Zephyr we will be honest with you. We mentioned that the JT Cybrid is an entry level paintball gun. The Cybrid is meant to get you out on the field and playing. You need to learn how to play the game before you spend more money on a higher end gun. That being said, the JT Cybrid is a great gun for entry level games as well as backyard and woodsball. You will get a consistent shots in a gun that is easy to maintain. The JT Cybrid comes with a Spyder threaded barrel allowing for easy upgrading since the barrel is typically the first upgrade you want to get for your gun. The JT Cybrid has a two finger trigger to increase your rate of fire and will run off of either co2 or compressed air.
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At less that $50, you really can't go wrong with the JT Cybrid if if you only use for a handful of games. Most fields will charge $25+ per day just to rent gear. Zephyr has JT Cybrid packages starting at about $80 that will give you all the gear you need to play.