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The Spyder MR1 paintball gun brings a tactical look and feel to a solid entry level marker. The Spyder MR1 features a durable aluminum body built to take a beating. The MR1 includes a removeable stock as well as a double trigger to increase your rate of fire. The Spyder MR1 is built to run offof co2 or compressed air so you can use whatever kind of paintball tank you happen to have.
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Zephyr carries a complete line of Spyder MR1 guns and packages at the best prices on the web. The spyder mr1 has a side mount feed to accomodate mounting sights and scopes on the top mount picatinny rail. The spyder mr1 will run off of co2 or HPA and uses a spyder threaded paintball barrel to allow for easy barrel upgrades down the road. The stock spyder mr1 trigger is 12". The MR1 has a matte finish and an all aluminum body and trigger frame to withstand the rigors of paintball.