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Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Markers

Finally an Eclipse Etek Paintball marker that the masses can afford. Introducing the Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Ego Paintball Gun. All the performance of an Etek Ego for half the price! Check out the specs on cheap Etek 4 Paintball gear now!
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Planet Eclipse Etek4 AM Paintball Gun - Blue / Black
Zephyr Low Price: $549.95
Save: $50.00 (8%)
Planet Eclipse Etek4 AM Paintball Gun - Red / Black
Zephyr Low Price: $549.95
Save: $50.00 (8%)
Planet Eclipse Etek4 AM 1 Star Paintball Gun Package
Zephyr Low Price: $718.95
Save: $31.00 (4%)
Planet Eclipse Etek4 LT 1 Star Paintball Gun Package
Zephyr Low Price: $618.95
Save: $31.00 (4%)
More Information:

An Eclipse Marker is more than just a collection of metal and wires. It is the Complete Package. Each Etek3 Paintball Marker is hand built & tested in a Planet Eclipse facility here in the United Kingdom to ensure quality.

Etek LT

This 'base' model features composite parts, used for the very first time on an Eclipse marker. The Feed tube, Eye Covers and Frame are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Nylon [GRN] a very durable material that is both tough and rigid. All other parts of the ETEK3 are manufactured from exactly the same materials with the finishes you will find on the Ego10 and SL range; high grade aluminum and stainless steel coupled with deep cosmetic and industrial hard anodizing.

Etek AM

The AM is intrinsically identical to the LT, but has an All Metal construction. The Frame, Eye Covers and Feed tube are all high-grade aluminum just as you will find on the rest of the marker. The AM also has the ability to be instantly enhanced with an Emortal LCD upgrade circuit board.


  • LED Board - 3 tru-colour LED indicators
  • Programmable Firing Modes
  • On/Off Purge System
  • Break Beam Sensor System
  • Fully Adjustable Trigger
  • 2-Piece Barrel - 14"
  • S3 Inline Regulator
  • New Direct Mounted Solenoid
  • Cure Bolt
  • Zick Kit
  • New Smaller Rammer Housing
  • Deftek Offset Feed
  • One-Piece Body (No FRM)
  • Emortal LCD Circuit Board Upgradeability (AM Only!)