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Legends are never forgotten, Classics never Die..!

Pump Paintball has seen a resurgence that is here to stay! Whether you are a veteran returning to your roots, or just a rookie looking to get in, Pump Paintball is a the whole new game within itself! Pump Paintball is all about the challenge! Limited firepower ensures that in order to be successful, you have got to make your shots count! In short, One-Pump-One-Paintball... It's not about the ol' accuracy by volume tactic anymore! Earn the respect you deserve by playing pump!

Perks of Pump Paintball...

  • Chance to Prove Yourself
  • Changes the Game
  • Improves Overall PB Skill
  • Saves $$ on Paint

Pump Paintball Guns
More Information:

CCI Phantom Pump

The Phantom is a .68 caliber, pump action CO2 powered gun designed to fire paintballs at 200 to 300 fps as accurately as possible to mark the aiming point with the splat of a paintball. The Phantom cocks and loads a paintball when the pump is pulled fully back and returned to its full forward position. Squeezing the trigger releases the hammer striking the power tube allowing a blast of CO2 to fire a paintball. The design of the trigger firing mechanism allows a rapid fire capability. With constant pull on the trigger, the gun fires with each pump action.

Tippmann SL-68 II

Redesigned and improved, making it a perfect addition to your pump arsenal. Aside from all of the standard features of a Tippmann gun (solid cast aluminum, non corrosive internals, metal trigger etc.), the SL-68II is equiped with a redesigned feedneck that fits most standard hoppers as well as a redesigned ergonomic grip for comfort and control.

Azodin Kaos Pump

Brings all the innovations from the AZODIN team to the pump market. Built on the KAOS chassis, the KP provides closed-bolt performance in an entry-level package. The optimized valve and main springs of the KP give you the efficiency you need when you are out at the field. The pump action is smooth out of the box so you don't have to worry about breaking in the pump action.

Azodin KP+ Electronic Pump

Utilizing the "ZEN" circuit board, KP+ is not only capable of a Standard Pump Mode but also hosts Auto Trigger and a new Enhanced Trigger Mode. Now with the Zen board, it only needs seconds to change the mode setting instead of switching the whole grip frame just to play the auto trigger pump style. The new "TRIAD Ball Retention System" minimizes roll-out, the Low Pressure Inline Regulator gives the KP+ 300 PSI working pressure and On/Off Bottom ASA for easy removal of your tank. KP+ gives the unparalleled edge on the day of your pump play.

2011 Azodin Kaos Pump II

For 2011, the Azodin design team has added not only new looks, but also introduces the "Twist Lock II" design. Now with the new "Twist Lock II", you can secure your loader tighter than ever before. The Muffle Percussion System incorporates a Low Pressure Inline Regulator, High Performance Valve, Muffle Striker and Silence Bolt to minimize the sound signature and increase the accuracy and performance. A new Stainless steel pump rod reaffirms long term durability and outright customer confidence and satisfaction.

Empire BT Tracer

The Empire Tracer pump paintball gun is affordable to any new player, pump player or anyone looking to bring back some old memories. Proven design of 15+ years from the original PMI Tracer. Brand new feel with a more comfortable and ergonomic handle. Those old days of struggling to pump your gun are gone for good. Picatinny rails are mounted on the top of the Empire Tracer so you can mount all of your favorite accessories.