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The US Army Carver One from Tippmann sports. The Tippmann Carver One brings you all the reliability of the Tippmann 98 internals with a sleek new body with pelenty of picatinny rails for an easy upgrade. The Tippmann carver one includes an 8.5" Tippmann 98 threaded barrel with a built in foregrip, sights and sling mount. The US army Carver one is an all aluminum die cast receiver and is built to take a beating. A semi automatic and electronic version are available.
More Information:
The US Army Carver one is a fully licensed product with all the cool army logos included. The Tippmann carver one will run off of co2 or compressed air. The carver one uses an offset feed system to allow full use of the top picatinny rail. The Tippmann Carver one is a great gun for any scenario player who doesn't want to spend a ton of time maintaining there marker. A few drops of oil and a wipedown and your ready to play again.