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Azodin, a fresh way to paint

Azodin Paintball is a newer paintball company that produces great starter paintball guns at a fraction of the cost of other paintball companies. Their great quality low cost paintball guns make it possible for anyone to get into the sport of paintball. Azodin Paintball guns are similar to the quality of Spyder paintball guns with a little more competitive pricing. Azodin Paintball guns all come with a full manufacturer warranty and are built to withstand the test of time. If you are serious about getting into paintball, Azodin Paintball guns are a great place to start. Look below at Zephyr's array of Azodin products. Try Azodin 2011 products like the Azodin 2011 Blitz! We are sure you won't be disappointed.
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Azodin Blitz Private Paintball Gun Package
Zephyr Low Price: $264.95
Save: $40.00 (13%)
Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Gunmetal Blue - OPEN BOX
Zephyr Low Price: $79.95
Save: $10.00 (11%)
Azodin ATS+ Tactical Private Paintball Gun Package
Zephyr Low Price: $214.95
Save: $30.00 (12%)
Azodin ATS Tactical Private Paintball Gun Package
Zephyr Low Price: $179.95
Save: $35.00 (16%)
Azodin Blitz Evo Paintball Gun - Captain Azodin
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95
Save: $30.00 (13%)
Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Gold / Black - OPEN BOX
Zephyr Low Price: $79.95
Save: $10.00 (11%)
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More Information:


The Azodin Paintball Gun line is designed by and distributed by previous Kingman employees that have been in the paintball industry for over 50 combined years. The Azodin Paintball Gun line ranges from great performing pump guns to the most advanced blowback guns on the market. Get your Azodin gun today and compete today!

Zero recoil operating system

Zero recoil operating system is a technological breakthrough that allows for low operating pressure out of the box and gives an unparalleled shooting profile for a stacked tube blow back. The Zero system combines several unique and proprietary features that allow the Zentith to operate at 250 PSI out of the box and reduces the recoil from blow back down to the level of a spool valve marker. It features:
  • Feather striker system
  • Low tension Main Spring
  • Low tension Valve spring
  • Zero housing to adjust Valve timing for HPA and CO2 use.

Traditionally, when seeking to lower the operating pressure of the STBB, players first look to reduce the weight of the striker. The Feather Striker System (FSS) eliminates the need to drill, grind and generally making a mess of your strikers y incorporating Delrin with a hardened Steel core to produce a striker that is both light and durable.

Next, players also seek to balance between the Main Spring and Valve Spring to the right combination for low pressure operations, as the stock configuration was for operating pressure in excess of 600 PSI. This often involves investing in a spring kit that is limited in its choices and often produces mixed results. The AZODIN design team has taken care of this by preparing Main Spring and Valve Spring that are matched to the FSS. These matched springs have reduced the recoil signature of the ZENITH while maintaining proper air efficiency.

Lastly, to accommodate for CO2 usage, the ZeRO housing below the barrel is an adjustor to compensate for the irregularities of CO2 pressure. Technically speaking when using CO2, there will be times where liquid CO2 will seep past regulator and cause spike in pressure. The ZeRO housing acts on the Valve Spring to compensate for these occasional spikes by increasing the tension of the Valve Spring so that it will close faster in reaction to these pressure spikes. This allows for comparable performance with CO2 usage with no bench time to set the marker. All the player will need to do is to turn the ZeRO adjustor two full revolutions clockwise to achieve optimal CO2 operating profile.

Feather Striker System

The Feather Striker System (FSS) utilizes Delrin and hardened Steel for a combination of durability and a reduction in weight that is over 30% lighter than the traditional striker. The AZODIN design team has coupled the FSS with lighter main and valve springs which gives all AZODIN markers unparalleled performance signature.

The Self Lubricating Delrin enables the FSS to be lighter and minimizes drag while the FSS moves within the receiver. The Delrin face is cupped to maximize the blow back efficiency to minimize the mechanical recoil further. The hardened Steel core provides the dependability you came to expect from the Stack Tube Blow Back system.

The entire assembly is locked together and rigorously tested with High Pressure Air and CO2 to ensure the durability of the construction.