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Rehydrate with Camelbak

What started as a thirsty EMT Bike racing innovator became the worlds largest portable hydration company. CamelBak Hydration, Camelbak Bags and Camelbak Bags offer a new way to keep your body hydrated and fueled to perform. Look at Zephyr's wide selection of Camelback hydration systems and you're sure to find a versatile and comfortable pack that will suit all your needs.
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Rehydrate with CamelBak

Why CamelBak has your Back

CamelBak started with an EMT, a bike, and really hot weather. Michael Eidson, founder and CEO, decided one day he would do a century race in the summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. But he had one problem, he didn't want to carry four hundred water bottles on his back. So, being the resourceful person he was, he took an IV bag, an IV line, a tube sock and a clothing pin, stuck it all together, and BAM! the first CamelBak was born. After that he decided to start traveling from bike race to bike race and word got out about his new CamelBak system. The company was made, the product was sold and improved, and people were finally getting effectively hydrated. CamelBak now has hundreds of products ranging from jerseys with integrated hydration systems to BPA free water bottles. CamelBak has come a long way since that fateful day in Texas, but the concept has stayed the same. Keep the active lifestyle going by keeping people hydrated. CamelBak has a multitude of ways to do this with different lines of product with the highest quality, and cleanest materials known.

Water Beast Reservoir

CamelBak leveraged years of extensive research to develop the NEW products they have on the line today. Standard on all CamelBak military and industrial hydration systems, the newest polyurethane reservoir is 33% stronger and can handle almost anything you throw at it!

Low Infrared Reflective Materials

Blending in with the environment is critical to mission success! Several of CamelBak's systems will come with low infrared reflective (IRR) webbing, fabric and buckle technology. These materials are specifically designed to reduce infrared reflectivity in the near-IR light range (0.7 to 1.3 microns). CamelBak's unique fabric and hardware solution will provide soldiers with the best chance for evading detection on the high-tech battlefields of today and the future.

Hydroguard Anti-Microbial Technology

HydroGuard technology inhibits the growth of bacteria on reservoir and tube surfaces. Does not protect user from bacteria or other disease-causing organisms. Please wash reservoir after each use.

Leakproof System

CamelBak's patented HydroLock Valve provides secure, positive lever action flow shut-off when you're not drinking. Their NEW Water Beast Reservoir and CBR 4.0 materials are tough and reliable!

Hydrolink 2.0

Hydorlink's modularity allows for a quick and easy transition of components as your mission or environment changes. Switch from the Water Beast Reservoir to Chem Bio Reservoir 4.0 quickly. Snap into most maks systems using the HydroLink Protective Mask Adapters. Add an In-Line MicroFilter when necessary.