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CCI, Play original

Over the years CCI has changed and improved the product and now offer various configuration and colors of The CCI Phantom pump action paintball guns. All pump action guns can be converted from bulk feed to stock class configuration. CCI has created Paintball guns from 1986 to present and continue to exceed in quality and performance. Try CCI paintball today and you are sure to get one of the most solid and original paintball markers today!
More Information:

CCI, Play Original

  • What is The Phantom Paintball Gun?
The Phantom is a .68 caliber, pump action CO2 powered gun designed to fire paintballs at 200 to 300 fps (feet per second) as accurately as possible to mark the aiming point with the splat of a paintball.
  • How does it operate?
The Phantom cocks and loads a paintball when the pump is pulled fully back and returned to its full forward position. Squeezing the trigger releases the hammer striking the power tube allowing a blast of CO2 to fire a paintball. The design of the trigger firing mechanism allows a rapid fire capability. With constant pull on the trigger, the gun fires with each pump action.
  • Is it easy to service?
The Phantom disassembles with the removal of the front and rear thumb screws. The internal components are designed to be easily cleaned.
  • What are the special features?
The Phantom has an internal velocity adjuster that is accessed down the barrel with furnished adjuster rod. The hammer and bolt assembly has a built in anti-kink to reduce friction when in a cocked configuration. The pump arm is captured in the frame to eliminate openings in the gun body to help prevent dirt and debris from getting into the mechanism. The bolt has "tuned port compensation" that redirects the blast of air evenly on the paintball which reduces distortion of the paintball which reduces breakage in the bore and improves the overall accuracy. The barrel is roller burnished and muzzle ported with channels and holes to reduce pop of the paintball and envelop the ball in a pocket of air.
  • What type of configuration?
The Phantom can be configured as a stock class, horizontal feed with 12 gram CO2 or gravity feed bulk loader with bulk CO2 bottle. The 12 gram changer or bulk CO2 bottle may be mounted directly from the rear of the gun, from the bottom of the grip or off the trigger frame in a vertical position. The grip can be the base M-16 type or 45 style type with Hogue wraparound grips. There are 3 barrel lengths 8", 11", 14".