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Destroy the Competition with Classic Army

Classic army has been engineering and manufacturing Airsoft guns for an impressive 12 years. Their product never ceases to amaze either. This company is one of the best and highest rated companies for the manufacturing of Airsoft weapons ever. Classic Army Airsoft guns will be reliable, functional, dependable, and look and feel just like the real thing. Classic army will keep you in the game no matter the conditions. They have a weapon for your every need, whether it be an M24 SOCOM sniper rifle or a fully automatic Steyr Aug. You will kill as soon as you pick one of these things up.
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Classic Army M15A4 Socom AEG Electric Airsoft Gun
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Destroy the Competition with Classic Army

Choosing Classic Army

Classic Army began as a company with a vision to create an affordable, and high quality AEG system with the best full metal bodies available worldwide. Today, they are a huge player in the Airsoft world with multiple licenses from real steel producers like Arsenal, Armalite, B&T, Steyr, and Schwaben Arms to produce airsoft replicas that look and feel just like the real thing. Classic Army's ever expanding inventory encapsulates all ranges of airsoft enthusiasts from beginners to Veterans. Classic Army provides a dedicated workforce that offers total performance with the highest quality product that can be created. Classic army is a company that listens to it's customers and innovates depending on what the customers want. With multiple new technoloogies and features, Classic Army has something for everyone.

Full Metal Bodies

Classic Army believes in a solid base for their guns, and that why they choose top use manufactured steel, aluminum and alloys for all of their products from AEG's to pistols and rifles. Their Full Metal bodies are some of the most durable and damage resistant bodies on the planet.

Highest Quality Motors

From Motors to strings and gears, Classic Army spares no though when thinking about performance. These Guns CRANK. In the motors the Magnets are extremely strong, the pinion rotation is unbelievably smooth, and overall craftsmanship around the terminals and brushes is exceptional.

Superior Gearboxes

For high powered guns, these gearboxes preform like no other. These metal gearboxes are for the high performing weapons, where guns are shooting at ranges of above 450 FPS. These are designed to be abused, but they are also so tough they don't even care. With high quality pistons and reinforced casing around the cylinder head, you can drop whatever spring you want in here and they will rip.

Every accessory, Ever

Adaptors, barrels, flash hiders, bolt catches, bipods, battery accessories and adaptors, mags, cylinders, eye wear, handguards, grips and everything inbetween. Classic army has something for everyone.