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The Smell of Victory; Contract Killer Clothing

Contract Killer Clothing has been a source for UFC apparel and paintball harnesses for over a decade. Their line of T-shirts, Fight shorts, hats, gear bags, backpacks, and paintball harnesses are the best in the market. Contract Killer has their roots set in fighting and paintball, and they've been doing both for awhile so they know what you need for all your UFC and paintball clothing needs. Contract Killer MMA Clothing incorporates the needs of all fighting styles into their clothing while capturing the fighting spirit of those who wear it. For those who require innovation, function, and style and for those that push their limits when they smell the blood, they can taste victory Contact Killer Clothing is for you.
More Information:

The Smell of Victory

Where the Fight Started

Like all companies that have been around the block, Contract Killer knows the ins and outs of making a good product that can be used in any situation for fighting, practice, or even paintball. Contract Killer started when UFC was first getting a name, and now they have evolved. They have kicked out the old, and brought in the new and versatile just like the UFC. Not everything works forever, and one needs to be versatile when creating product for ever changing clientele. Contract Killer does this with the ease and finesse of a skilled fighter.

Why Contract Killer?

Contract Killer offers some of the coolest and most creative high quality product in the UFC/MMA market today. Their wide range of styles and fits tailor to all customers needs. The products are made to last,and they are made to perform. Contract Killer's products are nothing to scoff at, and if you do, you might end up with a bloody nose. Contract Killer. Fight. Hunt. Compete.