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With Dangerous Power, Comes Dangerous Resposibility

Dangerous Power Paintball was founded on the bases of creating a high quality, no compromise Paintball marker. In 2006 the world was introduced to the fusion, and since then DP has been creating only the highest quality Paintball product. Dangerous Power specializes in making beautiful Markers out of lightweight alloys. Dangerous Power paintball guns are constantly being created and innovated to be more effective, lighter-weight and pack a punch!
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Dangerous Power DM Thread Clamping Feedneck - Pink
Zephyr Low Price: $28.99
Save: $6.00 (17%)
Dangerous Power DM Thread Clamping Feedneck - Brown
Zephyr Low Price: $28.99
Save: $6.00 (17%)
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With Dangerous Power comes Dangerous Responsibility

About Dangeous Power

Dangeous Power strives to make quality Paintball products at affordable prices. They know everyone can't break the bank when attempting to buy a new gun, so they have created multiple series of ridiculously high quality guns at prices that won't require you to cash in your 401K. These products speak for themselves, really. With all the technology and innovation available in these guns, you don't need anything more. These are reliable, cost-effective and awesome looking products. Take a look for yourself.

The DP E1

Dangerous Power announces the newest addition to the DP arsenal, the E1. Through DP's master craftsmanship and high performance, the E1 brings enlightenment & supreme power in its class. The E1 utilizes the dump-valve & G3 firing system, the perfect system designed for all levels of experience. The qualities and features cannot be beat for its price. The E1's lightweight design, efficient regulating pressure system, ease of operation & maintenance emphasizes high-efficient performance backed with reinforced durability.

The DP G4

The G4 has now arrived and invokes the triumphs and prosperity of Dangerous Power’s advanced engineering through its innovations and master craftsmanship. The G-Series is reborn and leaves the competition in its wake. The G4 weighs in at 1.79lbs including barrel, RAPS ASA, low-profile clamping feedneck, & battery. The G4 has adapted the Spec-R’s accuracy and efficiency by utilizing the O-ring-less bolt system. The O-ring-less bolt not only improves the G4’s performance, but also decreases O-ring wear and tear resulting in less maintenance! The G4 demands precision and comfort by adopting the Rev-I’s four-way trigger adjustment including the breakaway magnetic trigger. The G4 includes a new, fully engineered, spring-assisted regulator increasing its accuracy and durability. Dangerous Power Engineering has enforced qualities in the G4 to adapt to change and overcome any scenario by implementing a fully programmable micro-switch board for every player’s preference.

The Dangerous Power Fusion X

With Reinforced Fire-valves, Ballistic Rams, Low pressure regulators, Switchblade triggers, Mulch-adjustable triggers, and even Rapid air pressure systems The Fusion X takes a prideful stand and fierce introduction for the new decade! Through intricate design and development, the Fusion series conjures powerful attributes making it a new class of Dangerous Power markers. From superior quality, the FX's newly designed internals ensure dominating performance. The slim striker system's compact performance aims to deliver efficiency and accuracy. The lightweight body and internals ensures quick mobility for a fast response time.