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Guerrilla Air. . . High Performance Paintball Systems

The core of Guerrilla Air's success and popularity is based on the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years which dates back to their start as Air America and continues to evolve. Their goal is to explore new ways to innovate Paintball technology necessary to improve performance. Guerilla Air strives to enhance the player experience and improve existing technology to perform better and ensure safety is never sacrificed.

Guerrilla Air has always been and always will be focused on developing new designs that are more efficient, smaller, lighter and compact; yet offer increased performance without compromise. This methodology of dynamic high performance design is fully realized in our line of MYTH regulators. Recognized by the Paintball community around the world as the most innovative regulator and air systems available today!

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Guerrilla Air 7.5k Pro Burst Disk
Zephyr Low Price: $4.95
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Guerrilla Air is committed to design and develop products that prioritize performance and improve the thrill of the sport and the safety of players.

Their commitment runs deep, developing relationships with Distributors, Dealers and Players for the long-term. Gaining your trust to stay true to Air Guerrilla is what they strive for everyday.

Guerrila Air works hard to ensure 100% satisfaction. They take great pride in everything they do to support those that are as Paintball passionate as they are. Always thinking outside the box to offer innovative products to take the sport of Paintball past where it stands today to make it more exciting for tomorrow.

Bottom line; they are players, they sponsor teams and support the continued growth of Paintball with innovation, quality and a personal approach to customer service.

Guerrilla Air's passion for Paintball is never ending, as is our commitment to you.