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KM, Strap in

KM straps are all about being the highest quality goggle straps. KM Paintball straps are some of the most diverse and unique straps on the field, or anywhere. KM is a maker of many Paintball accessories and products, including the line of KM spines that come with lifetime warranties. With so many different accessories to choose from you can personalize your gun and your outfit to the specifications you want to meet. Go KM today!
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KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Yellow
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)
KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Army Green
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)
KM Straps Column Regulator Grip - Red
Zephyr Low Price: $9.31
Save: $1.69 (15%)
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KM, Strap in

KM, a new way to show your stuff

KM Paintball is a tailored manufacturer of Buckles, Spines, Headbands, Straps, Apparel, and Columns. They make some ridiculously cool and unique products that cater to individuals needs. With designs like Rasta Stripper and Ghetto Monkey, Zephyr is sure that you will find some product that will appeal to you.

KM Headbands

Designed for comfort and style, the KM Headband line will have your forehead free of sweat and keep you looking cool on the field, even if you are getting shot down.

KM Buckles

Keep you mask in check with a stylish and indestructible buckle for the back of your head.

KM Spines

The Dye Rotor Spine speed feed is a great investment and upgrade for your paintball loader. The Spine speed feed is very easy to install on your loader and is one of the most effective speed feeds on the market. The 8 long arms around the Rotor Spine speed feed are weighted in order to make it very easy for the weight of the paintballs to push down the paddles and enter the loader. The small flaps on the outside of the Dye Rotor Spine speed feed keep all of your paint securely in the loader. One of the most exciting features of the Rotor Spine speed feed is the LIFETIME WARRANTY! The Spine speed feed guaranteed to last backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

KM Straps

Easily the largest selection of Straps on the Strap market today. So strap on, and get ready to have that maks on your face for a while, because this thing isn't falling off.