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Pure energy, performance you can trust

Pure energy tanks are the best for the money out there. If you don't want to blow a month's worth of work on your co2 tank or Compressed air tank, then get a Pure energy system today!!!! These tanks don't just cost less, they perform more than equivalent tanks because of their superior features and construction. Try pure energy, and you won't want anything that isn't pure again.
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PMI Pure Energy 1.8K Burst Disk
Zephyr Low Price: $4.99
PMI Low Pressure Kit
Zephyr Low Price: $9.99
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Pure energy, performance you can trust


Pure energy represents paintball in a new way by offering affordable and high quality tanks. Normally, you would have to pick between the two, but these guys have the formula figured out. Try any of their products ranging form 9 oz co2 to carbon fiber compressed air tanks! No matter how you play, you should try Pure Energy and see how it changes your game.