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Rap 4 Paintball, realism has a whole new meaning

Rap 4 paintball guns are the most realistic scenario weapons paintball has to offer. Rap 4 offers weapons with a new sense of the word realistic. These guns are indistinguishable on the field. With Co2 powered 18 round mags, scenario games were never this hardcore. Try Rap 4 products and look at Zephyr's line up of products. Rap 4, try the best and forget the rest.
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Rap 4, Realisim has a whole new meaning

Rap 4 products bring something new to the table. Realistic paintball guns is what Rap 4 specializes in because of the intimidation factor, the performance and the fun of holding something that is nearly indistinguishable form the real thing.

NEW 2011 RAP4 Tactical MOLLE Paintball Vests

NEW RAP4 Tactical MOLLE Paintball Vests for Airsoft, paintball and Tactical training. The new MOLLE Tactical Paintball Vests can be organized to accommodate paintball pods, standard AR magazine, standard MP5 magazine, all sizes of CO2 cylinders and air tanks (HPA). The vest pouches are interchangeable and can be very easily configured to the user's requirements. The Tactical MOLLE Vest is designed with the MOLLE webbing system for better security for your pouches. The MOLLE webbing system is a multi-position hook system that enables you to attach the MOLLE pouches in the position of your choice. Read complete story.

New RAP4 Under Vests And Body Armor BDU

New lightweight and breathable woodland camo BDU to be worn under body armor. RAP4's bold new layer of protection for your most important piece of equipment: your body. The new RAP4 Under Body Armor BDU is specifically designed to keep you comfortable, protected from the environment, and well concealed. Read complete story.

Land Warrior II Wireless Digital Video Recorder

Land Warrior II digital video recorder - your best solution for capturing game footage with full audio, as a marker-mounted camera, helmet-mounted camera, handheld unit or even mounted to your tank. Following the success of the original Land Warrior Wireless Video Camera, engineers took user feedback and made an even lighter and more adaptable digital recorder: the brand new Land Warrior II. Read complete story.