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Save Phace, Intimidate and conquer.

Everyone at Save Phace masks is an adrenaline junkie. It really doesn't matter what sport activity you participate in, Save Phace will have you covered and protected no matter what you do, especially paintball and air soft Save Phace masks and Save Phace paintball masks are some of the best masks offered for face protection. Save Phace has spent over 5 years researching and developing their product line and have maximized collective ability to helping you have a more comfortable, pain free game.
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Save Phace Tagged Series Hand Painted Paintball Goggles - Myst
Zephyr Low Price: $134.99
Save: $14.96 (9%)
Save Phace Tagged Series Hand Painted Paintball Goggles - Gassed
Zephyr Low Price: $134.99
Save: $10.00 (6%)
Save Phace Single Paintball Replacement Goggle Lens - Clear
Zephyr Low Price: $17.99
Save: $4.96 (21%)
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Save Phace, Intimidate and conquer.

Scare the living crap out of people

First look at these masks without wincing. These things are creepy and plain scary. Imagine it, it's a night game and you sneak up on your opponent from the dark. You breath on their shoulder and snarl. They look behind them and see a predator mask and go still, and you have the pleasure of shooting the life out of them. As far as intimidation goes, these masks are the best.

Quality over everything

Not only do these masks scare people, they are also pieces of art and made of the best quality materials man can buy. These masks will last you the life of your face, which should be forever as long as your wear one of these masks.

Replacement lenses

18.00 to 30.00 dollars on Zephyr! Not 50-70 like you will be paying with different masks.