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Tiberius arms, Military simulation in a whole new way

Tiberius arms offers some of the hottest and most realistic selection of Paintball product today. They believe in making product that will make you a better player, and a better marksman. These guns are created to hold an 12 gram Co2 cartridge, so every shot you make counts. TA makes the highest quality Mil-Sim paintball gun today, get yours and know why. Look below through Zephyr's wide range of TA guns, pistols, paint and more. With Tiberius arms, you'll lead the way.
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Tiberius Arms Paintball 1x30 Dot Sniper Scope
Zephyr Low Price: $29.95
Save: $20.00 (40%)
Tiberius Arms CQB Folding Foregrip
Zephyr Low Price: $21.95
Save: $8.04 (26%)
Tiberius Arms Carry Handle Tactical Rail
Zephyr Low Price: $24.99
Tiberius Arms Paintball Tri-Rail Riser
Zephyr Low Price: $24.95
Tiberius Arms Oring Kit
Zephyr Low Price: $14.94
Tiberius Arms Side Tac Rail
Zephyr Low Price: $6.95
Tiberius Arms First Strike Spare Magazine - T8 / T8.1 / T9 / T9.1
Zephyr Low Price: $29.95
Save: $10.04 (25%)
Open Box - Tiberius Arms T9.1 Ranger Paintball Gun - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $314.95
Save: $35.00 (10%)
More Information:

Tiberius arms, Military simulation in a whole new way

Tiberious Technology

Tiberius offers many things to the paintball enthusiast including incredibly realistic design, unreal performance, and even scopes! Tiberious believes in a compact and self suffiecient paintball system. These guns only use 12 gram Co2 containers, and you can only get 8 shots out of them. These rounds drive faster than anything you have ever shot before. Their sleek and sexy design incorporated with their realistic design and functionality add up to be one of the coolest designs ever created.

Tiberious T4

The Tiberious T4 is Tiberius's compact assault rifle. It includes features like:
  • First strike equipped
  • Billet machined upper and lower receivers
  • Monolithic rail platform
  • Functional charging handle
  • 4x32 dual illuminated scope
  • Tri-rail riser mount with 4 side rails
  • Low-profile bipod
  • AR 15/M4 collapsible stock
  • Shroud rail guards
  • Two 14 round magazines
  • Remote air adapter
  • Hopper adapter

Tiberious T9.1

The larger and more accurate rifle from tiberious.
  • 4x32 dual illuminated scope with range estimator
  • Tri-rail riser
  • Multi-position
  • 5-position compact folding foregrip
  • Adjustable laser
  • tactical flashlight
  • Low profile bipod

First strike paintball bullets

  • 25x more accurate!
  • 2x more range!
  • 68 caliper
  • Fin stabilized
  • Brittle shell for easy breakage on contact