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Tippman, be a pro

The foundations of the Tippman company are based on their commitment to their customer, and their desire to provide you with premium products and technology. Tippmann Paintball has the best understanding of paintball of all of the paintball manufacturers hands down. Tippmann specializes in providing an outstanding product to all potential users. Most of the staff at Tippmann Pros are actually members of the Tippmann family, and paintball has always been a prominent aspect of their lives. Tippman knows paintball and how to make a proper product. Look at Zephyr's Tippman paintball product and you will find what you've been missing out on. Get your paintball on!
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Tippmann TiPX Magazine 2 Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $29.95
Tippmann A-5 Collapsible Stock - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $39.95
Save: $9.05 (18%)
Tippmann Replacement Valve Core - Crossover
Zephyr Low Price: $3.95
Save: $4.00 (50%)
Tippmann Replacement Trigger Lever - X7 Phenom
Zephyr Low Price: $4.95
Save: $3.00 (37%)
Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $79.00
Tippmann Replacement Regulator Adjustment Cap - Crossover
Zephyr Low Price: $10.95
Save: $4.00 (26%)
Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $499.00
Save: $100.95 (16%)
Tippmann Paintball Aluminum CO2 Tank
Zephyr Low Price: $21.95
Tippmann X7 Response Trigger Kit
Zephyr Low Price: $69.95
Tippmann 98 Collapsible Stock - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $39.95
Save: $9.05 (18%)
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More Information:

Tippman, Be a pro

Tippman, run by family

Nick Tippman, Dylan Tippman, and Eli Tippman run one of the largest and most popular paintball guns on Earth. Tippman is a friendly and outgoing company, but when it comes to creating the product, they are all business. They also have a sweet gig going with the U.S. Army, where they are able to manufacture guns specific for Mil-Sim.

Alpha Black

The Alpha Black is a marker designed in partnership with, and fully licensed for, the U.S. Army - and is used by soldiers for training. It has four variations, with the basic model consisting of a marker and barrel. The "e-basic" model comes with an electronic firing mode, while the "tactical" model (which resembles an M4A1 carbine) includes a stock and handle. The "tactical electric" improves upon the "tactical" by adding an electric firing mode.

Custom Pro

The Tippmann Custom Pro was an upgraded version of the 98 Custom aimed at entry level speed ball play. It features a double trigger , drop-forward (which moves the tank down and forward, changing the center of gravity and allowing a tighter setup), 11 inch high performance stone-honed barrel, and Anti-chop technology. The marker also features a scratch resistant powdercoat, and utilizes the E-Trigger system.

Cyclone Feed System

Much like the Response Trigger System, the Cyclone Feed System uses the excess gas from firing the marker to cycle a feeding mechanism providing up to 15 b.p.s. (Some have tested the unit at 20+ Balls Per Second with some commercially available modifications). In comparison with conventional hoppers, the Cyclone has a much wider mouth, holding multiple paintballs in the feeding mechanism even without a hopper.
As a shot is fired, excess (normally waste) gas from the shot is scavenged through the side of the marker via a banjo fitting (a T-type fitting is required for use with the response trigger system). The gas is utilized to rotate the cyclone as the marker re-cocks, force feeding a paintball into the chamber. The Cyclone Feed System comes standard on the Tippmann A-5 and an enhanced version comes on the X-7. The advent of the Cyclone Feed System marks the first widely used, non-electronic, agitated hopper. The lack of electronics means the user can expose the system to moisture (rain, snow, etc.) which would interfere or destroy other, mechanical systems.


The E-Trigger is an electronic means of firing the marker. Utilizing battery operated components, the E-Trigger replaces the trigger function, to where the trigger simply closes a micro switch. The switch sends a signal to a small circuit board, activating a solenoid. The solenoid uses a push rod to actuate the sear in this system. The board has multiple firing modes, allowing semi-automatic, burst, automatic and other modes. The term E-Trigger is usually applied to the system in the 98 Custom and Alpha Black, while the term E-Grip is applied to the A-5 and X-7 markers, because they use a removable grip frame that contains all the electronics.